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ATV Rally Blamed For Forest Fire

I hate picking up news like this, where a group of ATV enthusiasts get blamed for a devastating fire. From what I can tell no one was hurt, but news like this lands a blow to ATV riders out looking for a safe fun place to ride. Talks are already happening that are planning to review current ATV laws and regulations in the Manitoba area.

The fire was started from dry grass or debris getting caught in a muffler and then falling to the ground. How they can tell this for certain I’ll never know, since a cigarette would leave a similar small fire and/or spark. No doubt there is a lobbyist in the midst somewhere down the line. Hopefully it won’t impact the ATV crowd too much, especially being this time of year when you need to get out and ride!

Source: Manitoba Fire Blames 600 ATV Riders

More Helmet Debate

As summer time gets underway and more ATV’s are playing in the dirt Congress keeps voting on laws. The latest however has been overthrown, for the second year in a row. Therefore children between the age of 6-15 will not be required, by law, to take a $75 training course and wear a helmet and goggles.

The reigning argument is that children are dieing on public property, where the law was not written to reach. Let’s lean on the parents to start requiring their children to wear protective gear and the government, go back to keeping drugs and murderers off the street.

ATV Youth, Helmets Required

ATV Helmets RequiredOklahoma is one step closer to requiring underage riders to wear helmets on public roads and property. According to statistics 18 people died last year, 6 minors, due to ATV related incidents. It was not clear whether a helmet would have been a deciding factor in saving the individuals lives.

The measure is similar to a bill that was approved in the state Senate last year but died in the state House. House leaders said then they disagreed with guidelines that allowed law enforcement authorities to enforce the ATV regulations on private property.

Ultimately this law will only affect around 12 public access points where ATV riding is allowed. Check out the local story at KOTV.

ATV Age Law in Utah

A serious debate on the legal driving age of operators of ATV’s is undergoing scrutiny in Utah lately.

House Bill 237 would change the minimum age for riding all-terrain vehicles on public property. It’s certainly a subject that needs to be addressed.
    As the law stands now, kids as young as 8 can operate ATVs in Utah, and they’re paying the price with their bones, their flesh and their lives.

Should the decision to let minor’s operate vehicles lie within government or with the parents? Any all terrain vehicle can be dangerous and not every child is capable of operating, but who is responsible? I was riding my Honda Fourtrax at the ripe old age of 6, unharmed and better off. If nothing else I was taught responsibility, something I still recognize today.