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Wrangler: Safety in Flooded Roads?

Our weather has become more unpredictable nowadays with stronger and more devastating storms hitting our lands. Rain has become deadlier and more often than it used to be in the past. Some claim that this phenomenon is due to what we call Climate Change. Some may agree and some may not. And when we are hit by these natural disasters, we can all agree that these disasters can cause damage, damage to property and damage to lives. When the rain is pouring and flood water is rising, the first thing we don’t want to be submerged is our cars. When flood water reaches our cars, it damages everything and it makes the cars no longer safe to drive. Or worse, the cars are no longer functional due to the damage brought by the water which entered the engine bay. And it’s not a simple problem to deal with. It’s an expensive problem to have, so expensive that you might consider getting a new car instead.


The Wrangler (as seen at ) is one of the longest standing vehicles Jeep has ever produced. It has been awarded with several recognitions from different organizations due to its uniqueness and performance regardless of the conditions. Like the Cherokee and other similar vehicles manufactured by Jeep, the Wrangler is designed to have its engine bay lifted due to the gap between the chassis and the road which is due to the size of the wheels and the suspension of the vehicle itself. This allows the driver to drive through low-level water ways without worrying about water entering the engine bay. In fact, even when all four wheels have already been submerged under water, the engine is still functional. Amazing, isn’t it? This makes the Wrangler still driveable in flood because of its design. And no, the current of flood water can’t easily wave away the Wrangler. Again, this is due to the design of the vehicle, and its weight. Driving in flood water while the rain is pouring down is not an easy thing to do but driving a Wrangler makes things a little bit better. In addition to this, Wrangler’s engine is built to still run even when all its four wheels are already under water. Its suspension also allows it to move more smoothly even if flood water is rising.


Driving in the flood water is extremely dangerous. It’s a thing that authorities don’t invite civilians into doing. It’s not only about the damage of your car. It’s about putting your own life into a deadly situation. You can be stuck in your car when it stopped working due to the floodwater which entered the engine and when that happens, you can drown especially if the flood water is rising at a quick speed. Unless your Wrangler is not yet totally submerged in the flood, it’s still safe to drive it as long as the flood water doesn’t reach the engine bay. And when you and your Wrangler survived the flood, make sure to visit your Jeep dealer to have your Wrangler checker. Remember: Prevention is always better than cure.

Chrysler Recognized for Conservation Efforts

The Chrysler Group recently received recognition for its commitment to environmental stewardship at the Wildlife Habitat Council’s (WHC) 25th Annual Symposium, Celebrating Corporate Conservation. Chrysler was given a ‘Wildlife at Work’ certification for its Chrysler Group World Headquarters and Technology Center in Auburn Hills, MI. The Chrysler Group World Headquarters and Technology Center was one of 255 programs recognized at the 2013 Symposium as meeting the strict certification requirements of Wildlife at Work. Wildlife at Work certification recognizes outstanding wildlife habitat management efforts at corporate sites, and offers third-party validation of the benefits of such programs.

The headquarter’s property includes preserved wetlands on a 465-acre site. A wide variety of wildlife species have been observed on the site and the area includes a 1.5-mile nature trail as well as an activities area with a ball field and picnic tables. There are four natural wetlands on Chrysler’s property. These wetlands are an important habitat for great blue herons, which have formed a nesting colony on the property. The water levels and water quality of the wetlands are maintained for all wildlife by directing road runoff away from the wetlands, direct precipitation into the wetlands, and minimizing erosion.

SOURCE: Kayser Chrysler of WI

Buick Club of America: Highlighting the Buick Culture


Buick deserves the right to fame due to its high calibre cars that often exceeds buyers’ expectations which is why a lot of individuals prefer to purchase their models. What most people don’t know is the presence of Buick Club of America. They are the individuals who know the carmaker’s products best.


The Organization


The Buick Club of America (BCA) is an organization established in 1966 by Greg Field and John and Barb Gerstkemper. BCA is a national organization composed of classic Buick car collectors. Currently, the organization is a solid group with more than 8,000 members. Its headquarters is in Columbus, Ohio, but it also has local chapters found across the United States. Throughout the years, BCA extended its influence across the globe as local chapters from other countries were also established.


BCA is considered as an honor society of individuals with intense passion for Buick’s cars. They show their support for the famed vehicle through its local and regional chapters while having special divisions in the country. Special divisions concentrate on certain models and the periods when they were launched in the auto industry.


The company shares the mission of promoting preservation and restoration among classic cars manufactured by Buick. To ensure they meet their goals, BCA conducts regular meetings and events that solidify the bond between the members. Everyone is encouraged to attend and take part on the activities.


Club Activities


Activities glue the organization together, allowing it to foster a remarkable environment for everyone who loves the vehicle. Simple activities like buy and sell events, auctions, driving tours, and other social meet-ups are made bonding possible and maintain unity in achieving its goals.


Local events may vary according to the chapter holding the activities, but the headquarters organizes the yearly National Meet that highlights some activities mentioned above.


Friendly competitions are also among the highlights in these events. One of them is the National Driven competition that recognizes Buick cars and owners after meeting certain requirements set by the organization. Members will register their Buicks age 25 years and up then judges will assess the vehicle if they meet the qualifications. The prestige of winning the National Driven Award is being able to display the award in or on the winning car. The proud owner can flaunt its recognition as handed by the organization. As for those that did not make the cut, BCA will indicate the reason in formal writing to give them an idea about not receiving the award.


BCA also distributes “The Buick Bugle” to members. This publication is a magazine provided monthly and contains articles, recent news within the club, local chapters’ reports, calendar of events and a lot more. Every member will be updated with the latest happenings within the organization and participate on events.


Founding BCA as an organization is not only about highlighting support for the vehicle. It also showcases the Buick culture lived by its members. They have specific goals that introduce Buick cars’ beauty and notable features for everyone looking for great investments or for collection purposes.


2014 Cadillac ELR Saks Fifth Avenue Special Edition

cadillac elr

Cadillac will put out a special edition of its 2014 Cadillac ELR in partnership with Saks Fifth Avenue in New York City. The two companies are collaborating for the holiday season. This edition has a hefty price tag – coming in at $89,500. The base model lists for $75,000. The extra $14,500 gets the buyer some exclusive advantages including: a white diamond paint job, jet black or cashmere interior, upgraded and professionally installed 240 volt charging station, and Cadillac Concierge service. The latter includes roadside assistance, battery care and charging support, and informational contact. Cadillac assures customers that this service is given by representatives “trained in white-glove customer care.”

Another manifestation of the partnership is the following: At the Saks Fifth Avenue flagship store near Rockefeller Center in New York City, there will be a window display entitled “Frozen Escalade.” This features a 2015 Cadillac Escalade (Cadillac’s other big hybrid) that appears to be embedded in ice. The fully functional LED running lamps on the car “appear embedded and breaking through a wall of ice.”

For anyone who isn’t familiar with the ELR, our local Hagerstown Hoffman Cadillac dealership kindly gave us an overview of this model. It is a two door plug in hybrid sporte coupe, and it is Caddy’s latest and most serious and concerted plug-in hybrid venture. Unveiled at the 2013 Detroit Auto Show, the buzz about this car seems to be all about its price. The $75,000 base price tag has many people’s heads reeeling. The pairing of the vehicle was Saks Fifth Avenue ritziness almost seems to flaunt the issue – to fan the flames that are already rising in the blood of both Cadillac and green vehicle fans. Perhaps that is, in a sense, Cadillac’s intention. They are leaving no doubt in the public’s mind that these are not just environmentally responsible, but also luxury vehicles.

Engineering wise, the ELR shares many characteristics of its basic architecture with the Chevy Volt. It has the same 1.4-liter range-extending gasoline engine and an electric drive motor that runs off a 15.6-kWh lithium-ion battery pack that cranks out 295 foot pounds of torque. The total system output is 207 horsepower and Cadillac expects that the total hybrid range to come in over 300 miles.

Stylistically, the car has style and muscle, with 20 inch wheels, a roofline that seems to communicate smoothness and speed, and in a general a very successful blend of sportiness and classy elegance. Add to this its economic and environmental compatibility, and you have a vehicle some just may end up feeling is worthy the big sticker amount.

Fiat: A car company going beyond 4 wheels


Fiat is a multinational automobile company based in Turin, Italy. In the standard history of all present automobile corporations in the planet, Fiat may be one of the oldest (if not the oldest) in existence. This corporation dates back as far as 1899 and it was founded by a group of investors pioneered by Giovanni Agnelli. For its archaic prominence in Europe, Fiat stands side by side in prominence with two other famous car manufacturing companies: the German company Volkswagen and the renowned French manufacturer Renault. Ironically for a car company, it did not really measure up with famous automobile producers in contemporary times like Chrysler, Dodge, Mercedes Benz and Toyota. However, it is also notable to consider that they have shares to a variety of independent car manufacturers like Chrysler, Ferrari, Alfa Romeo and Maserati.

It is interesting to note that Fiat’s prestige is bolstered by its flexibility. Meaning to say, this company does not only deal with cars. They also get involved into other types of businesses. Fiat may not have top-of-the-line commercial vehicles that customers buy, but they have other wares that more than double the number of customers that strictly automobile producers cater to.

So what does Fiat produce other than cars?


  1. Public Works Equipment

Fiat has a huge contribution in the field of agriculture and engineering construction. This company, under the title Fiat Industrial, owns 88% of the shares of CNH Global NV. This company is based in the United States but they also operate throughout five different continents by bringing quality agricultural equipment, construction components, and financial services. CNH Global has over 37 facilities worldwide.

  1. Rail Transportation

This company’s contribution to the railway industry can be traced back in World War II. Fiat Ferroviaria is one of the proudest names in the business for providing locomotive technology not only in Italy but also in other parts of Europe. Their global coverage reaches as far as South America. Their groundbreaking achievement is the development of the Pendolino “tilting train,” the pioneering prototype in the 1970’s. In 1990’s Fiat’s Ferroviaria was sold to Alstom.

  1. Weapons

Perhaps one of the oldest (if not the oldest) non-automobile business they undertook was in the department of defense. SAFAT or Societa Anonima Fabbrica Armi Torino was an affiliate of Fiat during the World War I effort. Apart from building artillery tractors for the French and Italian army, they were also known for producing machine guns, especially for the pioneering air force. However, they were beaten by the Regia Aeronotica in the bid to become an exclusive provider of arms and ammunition for the flying regiments.

  1. Recreation

Fiat’s finest addition to their expansive business empire includes the recreation sector. The Agnelli family owned a village in the southern part of the great Alps and this has been the chief motivator for their real estate speculation. Due to its promising location, Fiat was able to establish the Sestriere skiing facilities, courtesy of its namesake alpine village. Like most of their subsidiaries, these facilities were sold in 2006.