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SV1000 Comes To The UK

One of the first motorcycles I ever owned was an SV650-S. I never could make my mind up whether I liked the laid back rumbling motorcycles or the wound tight crotch rockets. For my size, the SV650-S was the perfect blend and much like the 650, the 1000 will now bring happiness to those in the UK.

Simple design wrapped around a powerful 996cc V-Twin motor makes this an affordable, yet unique motorcycle. You don’t have to worry about high pitched wines, only low hum’s create more torque than you would ever need. In addition, you won’t be losing fairings around every corner and laying on your belly at 60 is not necessary.

UK SV1000

Americans have long enjoyed this well rounded Suzuki motorcycle and now our friends across the sea will be able to enjoy the same. Took a little while to get there, but I’m sure it’s worth the wait, you can pick up your own for around £5,650.

Mustang Scent?

Mustang FragranceI’m not exactly sure what the new cologne from Estee Lauder smells like, but I’m betting it’s nothing like my 92 LX. That is unless it wreaks of high octane racing fuel, then sign me up for a skid of the stuff. 😉

Ford to introduce Mustang, a new men’s scent that embodies the spirit of today’s man: strong, confident and driven

I just find this so hard to believe, but hey, if it’s marketable sell the stuff.

“Today’s man has a presence that is strong and confident with an innate masculinity that does not go unnoticed. He’s a guys’ guy, yet is both modern and authentic,” says Trudi Loren, Vice President, Corporate Fragrance Development Worldwide for The Estee Lauder Companies. “Mustang captures these qualities by infusing a blend of warm ingredients into a dynamic signature scent.”

He’s talking about me! Unfortunately I won’t be able to purchase the new cologne until July of 07 and priced at $25 per 1.7oz bottle. As often as I wear cologne that fragrance could last me for years.

08 Mitsubishi Outlander has just completed a hands-on review of the new 2008 Mitsubishi Outlander and it makes me want to run to the dealership!  With a slightly different perspective on the marketplace, a Canadian discusses the astigmatism with Mitsubishi success to our Northern neighbors and what should be expected.

Mitsubishi Outlander

Outlander Rear Pic

The Outlander has a list of options that go on and on. Rockford Fosgate  speakers, paddle shifters, and selectable AWD oh my. I don’t think we are in Kansas anymore. Despite everything you could throw at this SUV it’s still the least expensive 6 cyl on the market.

Mustang Catalogs

Two Ford articles in a row, today is truly a special day. Bleeding blue has never been so exciting, with the Super Snake being announced, and now with the upcoming 08 order guides available.

Mustang Part Guide

Three colors are being dropped while three new ones are replacing them: Silver Clearcoat Metallic (YN), Dark Candy Apple Red Clearcoat Metallic (JV), and Vapor Clearcoat Metallic (ZY) are set to replace Satin Silver, Redfire, Tungsten, respectively.

Ah, so many choices.