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Lexus LFA Super Car Spy Photos

I’m fairly certain I felt something move when I spotted the latest spy shots of the upcoming Lexus.  Fat Wallet Elites have had to keep their lips wet since the Detroit Auto Show 2005 when the machine was first debuted. It’s came a long way since it’s first prototype, maybe we will see a finished product soon.

Lexus LFA Spyphoto

Lexus LFA spyphoto

Lexus LFA Spy Photo

Suzuki Coming To Russia

Suzuki made announcements today that they would be building a plant in Russia. This is part of their plan to expand into emerging markets, according to their press agent. With a whopping 10,000 SUV’s by 2009 the plant should be fully operational soon.

The Grand Vitara will be built at the plant, as commented to be better suited to Russia’s cold climate. For now, the plant plans on receiving parts from Japan, but only assembled in Russia. Expect more on this to be announced more mainline soon from Suzuki.

Bill Ford Talks Earth

Bill Ford spoke before 1,700 business owners and political figures on May 31st. The focus of his speech was of course the US automakers and it’s competition to foreign brands.  To him, this was the same warning he was giving 4 years ago, it’s just on the US’s doorstep now, not just a threat.

“Our industry is restructuring, causing plant closings, layoffs, rising unemployment and a falling tax base,”

Ford cited environmental concerns of the public and that the future is dependent upon environmentally friendly vehicles. Our domestic brands have been slow to react to what the foreign market has been doing for a few years now. Obviously the rising gas prices have forced many to look at efficiency in a vehicle, rather than how big a tire you can fit under the fenders.

 “Today, with climate change, soaring gas prices and billions of potential new customers waiting in developing markets, people finally understand that environmental sustainability is the critical issue for our future growth and prosperity,”

FOX News Detroit has the full coverage of the story.

Street View from Google

Many of us are now familiar with Google Maps and it’s ability to ‘pinpoint’ locations. Coupled with Google Earth you can virtually tour all over, no boundaries. However, yesterday Google announced and implemented another feature that brings locations to your computer.

Street View is a new feature in Google Maps that allows a user to view certain locations from the address in question. PC World has a great article with images, on how this is changing the online map front. But, is this another step toward Big Brothers domination on the internet? I’m just paranoid, enjoy Google’s latest.

More Helmet Debate

As summer time gets underway and more ATV’s are playing in the dirt Congress keeps voting on laws. The latest however has been overthrown, for the second year in a row. Therefore children between the age of 6-15 will not be required, by law, to take a $75 training course and wear a helmet and goggles.

The reigning argument is that children are dieing on public property, where the law was not written to reach. Let’s lean on the parents to start requiring their children to wear protective gear and the government, go back to keeping drugs and murderers off the street.