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Big 3 Making Money At Barret Jackson

The Barret Jackson Auto Auction has been going on hot and heavy for the past few days and there have been a wide range of vehicle types sold.  Despite old muscle cars dropping in price recently, at the Barret jackson Auction new muscle cars were fetching big dollars.  Thanks to Ford and GM opening up their museums and liquidating some of their show cars, the public will have a chance to own these rare vehicles.

Typically at the Barret Jackson auction new muscle cars are the exception, not the rule, but just look at the list of vehicles that were stealing the show.  The first 2008 Challenger SRT8 sold for $400k and a 2009 ZR1 brought a final bid of $1 million.

Barrett Jackson Auto Auction

Barrett Jackson Auto Auction

Difference Between Automatic and Manual Performance

The real difference between an automatic transmission and a manual transmission is the way that the vehicle shifts through gears.  On an automatic the driver shifts the gear to drive (or lower set gear) and hits the gas, as speed increases the transmission automatically steps up the gear to keep RPM’s under red line.  However, on a manual, the driver is responsible for shifting between gears to as speed increases to keep from red lining.

Automatic transmissions are preferred amongst the common driver, because of it’s ease of use.  A manual transmission requires coordination between the clutch, throttle, and shifting of gears to provide a smooth ride and not damage the transmission.  However, there are some performance incentives for both automatic and manual transmissions, depending on what role is required.

Automatic Transmissions For Drag Racing

Most bracket drag racers prefer an automatic transmission.  This is because in bracket drag racing consistency counts more than specific times.  Elinating factors like clutch speed and shift speed a racer is able to lay down consistent runs in the quarter or eighth mile runs.  Furthermore, most racing automatic transmissions are equipped with stall converters, which allow a high rpm drop into gear, emulating how a manual transmission would react to immediate high RPMs.

Manual Transmission For Racing

Manual transmissions are preferred for traditional racing applications, where quick gear changes are required to exit turns quickly.  In most cases an automatic transmission could not keep up with a skilled driver using a stick shift.  Properly navigating turns, following the driving line, and exiting fast requires foot work on the clutch and throttle and being able to keep high RPMs no matter the speed.  It truly is an art that requires practice and training.

Difference Between Automatic and Manual Day to Day Driving

It boils down to personal preference on what kind of transmission you would want in a daily driver.  I prefer driving a manual because I feel that I have more control over the vehicle’s direct performance.  For some, like myself, driving a stick shift is an enjoyable experience and comes second nature.

Manual cars and trucks will typically get better gas mileage than an automatic.  That’s because instead of a catch all RPM shift, manual drivers can shift early, to keep RPMs down, thus driving more efficiently.


This has been a post into a series of articles on explaining entry level questions to automotive enthusiasts.

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Audi R8 Pics

What does 5.2 liter engine and 10 cylinders have in common?  They both are helping rocket the all new Audi R8 to over 500 horse power.  What’s even more inspiring is that the V10 Audi engine is naturally aspirated, so no boost making the big horsepower numbers, just tried and true displacement and Audi racing technology.

As for the raw facts, the Audi R8 reportedly does 0 to 62 mph in 3.9 seconds and produces just under 400 ft lbs of torque.  Furthermore it’s power peak isn’t reached until a whopping 8,700 rpms.  Plus there are lots of handling and suspension technology that Audi prides itself on, which it claims it borrows from Audi’s Le Mans victories.  Far to advance for my taste, but just look at the Audi R8 pics from detroit below, enough to get my motor running. /end stupid pun

AmericanMuscle, Mustang Obsessions Satisfied Here

Shelby WheelsA part of the reason that Mustangs have endured so long as the top muscle car in America is that they are so customizable. Each Mustang owner can modify their car exactly the way they want, because there is such an endless supply of parts for them to choose from. It’s this wide variety of ways to personalize your Pony that makes them such an alluring vehicle. And it’s AmericanMuscle’s wide variety of the best aftermarket Mustang parts that keeps people coming back time and time again.

When you want to talk selection, rims are a great place to start. And here at AmericanMuscle, we stock plenty of them. Even the famed Shelby wheels, inspired by the designs of possibly the most famous Mustang enthusiast and modder to ever live, Carol Shelby. These rims, styled after Shelby’s high performance Mustang variants of the 60s and 70s, give you car a powerful, retro look.

Being able to sufficiently enjoy time in your Mustang is often dependent on how comfortable the ride is. You could have all the horsepower and torque in the world, but without a set of high-quality Mustang shocks, you’re going to get bumped around like crazy. A smooth ride makes everyone in the Mustang happy. Especially the owner, when they think about how wear and tear they’re preventing on the rest of their Pony.

And as any real Mustang fanatic will tell you, love of your Pony doesn’t stop just because you’re not driving it or working on it. With a couple Mustang t-shirts from AmericanMuscle, you can now satisfy your Mustang obsession anywhere you go. We stock a huge selection of both men’s and women’s Mustang shirts, including ones that help you express you love for Foxbodies, Cobras and 5.0s.

Audi Hybrid SUV In 2010

Audi hopes to capitalize on the luxury SUV market in the US come 2010, by offering a new model Q5 Hybrid.  Currently Lexus is the leader in the market,  with the RX400H, but so much can happen by 2010, especially with the lean towards greener vehicles.  Discussions on what the hybrid engine will actually run on is creating some controversy.

In the European markets consumers are happy to purchase diesel hybrid vehicles, mainly because the price of gasoline is higher than diesel.  However, in the US the price between diesel and gasoline is extremely close, and an American consumer is more likely to pick a traditional gasoline hybrid engine.

Audi Q5 Hybrid

Audi Q5 Hybrid