Buick Club of America: Highlighting the Buick Culture


Buick deserves the right to fame due to its high calibre cars that often exceeds buyers’ expectations which is why a lot of individuals prefer to purchase their models. What most people don’t know is the presence of Buick Club of America. They are the individuals who know the carmaker’s products best.


The Organization


The Buick Club of America (BCA) is an organization established in 1966 by Greg Field and John and Barb Gerstkemper. BCA is a national organization composed of classic Buick car collectors. Currently, the organization is a solid group with more than 8,000 members. Its headquarters is in Columbus, Ohio, but it also has local chapters found across the United States. Throughout the years, BCA extended its influence across the globe as local chapters from other countries were also established.


BCA is considered as an honor society of individuals with intense passion for Buick’s cars. They show their support for the famed vehicle through its local and regional chapters while having special divisions in the country. Special divisions concentrate on certain models and the periods when they were launched in the auto industry.


The company shares the mission of promoting preservation and restoration among classic cars manufactured by Buick. To ensure they meet their goals, BCA conducts regular meetings and events that solidify the bond between the members. Everyone is encouraged to attend and take part on the activities.


Club Activities


Activities glue the organization together, allowing it to foster a remarkable environment for everyone who loves the vehicle. Simple activities like buy and sell events, auctions, driving tours, and other social meet-ups are made bonding possible and maintain unity in achieving its goals.


Local events may vary according to the chapter holding the activities, but the headquarters organizes the yearly National Meet that highlights some activities mentioned above.


Friendly competitions are also among the highlights in these events. One of them is the National Driven competition that recognizes Buick cars and owners after meeting certain requirements set by the organization. Members will register their Buicks age 25 years and up then judges will assess the vehicle if they meet the qualifications. The prestige of winning the National Driven Award is being able to display the award in or on the winning car. The proud owner can flaunt its recognition as handed by the organization. As for those that did not make the cut, BCA will indicate the reason in formal writing to give them an idea about not receiving the award.


BCA also distributes “The Buick Bugle” to members. This publication is a magazine provided monthly and contains articles, recent news within the club, local chapters’ reports, calendar of events and a lot more. Every member will be updated with the latest happenings within the organization and participate on events.


Founding BCA as an organization is not only about highlighting support for the vehicle. It also showcases the Buick culture lived by its members. They have specific goals that introduce Buick cars’ beauty and notable features for everyone looking for great investments or for collection purposes.

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