Toyota Supra Concept White

2015 Toyota Supra

Will there be a new sports car from Toyota, with the Supra name?  We still don’t know, as of this post, any news is still just rumor.  The Toyota Supra holds a special place in my heart, so I can only hope it will be revitalized and more importantly, recognized.

What good is putting a label on a concept, if you can’t immediately recognize it?  It’s like when Ford redesigned the classic Pony Car, even without the badges you knew exactly what model car it was.  I hope the 2015 Supra has the same effect.  You’ll know from the lines, the stance, and front facia’s that it’s all new Supra, not just an all new something.

Engine wise, again still rumors, we are expected to see some sort of Hybrid V6.  The 2015 Supra engine will reportedly turn out no less than 400 horse power, with the option of a force fed larger displacement option to 500+ horse power.  Based on similar sport cars, the new Toyota Supra will probably start at the $50,000 range and go on up.  Get in line now if you are interested, as soon as these are available for order I guarantee they’ll be in short supply.

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