Ford F-Series History


The Ford F-Series has been sold continuously for over six decades. There are twelve generations of the Ford F-Series. Here are some highlights about the changes that occurred over the generations.

First generation Ford F-Series (1948-1952) was the Ford Bonus-Built. It came available in pick-up, panel truck, cab-over engine, conventional truck and school bus chassis body styles.

Second generation Ford F-Series (1953 to 19560): It increased dimensions and improved engines and chassis. The F150, F250, and F350 names were coined.

Third generation Ford F-Series (1957 to 1960): These years showed significant modern re-designs. In 1959, Ford began in-house production of four-wheel drive pick-ups.

Fourth generation Ford F-Series (1961-1966): This generation was longer and lower than previous models. There were increased dimensions and new engine and gearbox choices. The Ranger name made its first appearance.

Fifth generation Ford F-Series (1967 to 1972): The dimensions and greenhouse glass was increased. Engine options were expanded and plusher trim levels became available.

Sixth generation Ford F-Series (1973 to 1979): Some of the modern refinements were front disc brakes, increased cabin dimensions, gas tank relocation, and power windows and door locks.

Seventh generation Ford F-Series (1980-1986): The Ford F-Series received its first ground up redesign since 1965. The redesign included the exterior styling and fuel efficient engines.

Eighth generation Ford F-Series (1987 to 1991): The front bumper was integrated into the bodywork instead of being an add-on part.

Ninth generation Ford F-Series (1992-1996): Many major comedic updates focused on increasing aerodynamics. Airbags were added in 1994.

Tenth generation Ford F-Series (1997-2003): The F-150 was redesigned from the ground up for the first time since 1980.

Eleventh generation Ford F-Series (2004-2008): All F-150’s were given four doors.

Twelfth generation Ford F-Series (2009-20014): The Focus is on engine changes for fuel economy.

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