Ram 1500 for 2013

Dodge and RAM Make Massive Market Impact

Ram 1500 for 2013

Have you noticed more Dodges on the road lately?  Most people have and they should, because one fabulous Dodge vehicle was named Truck of the Year by Motor Trend Magazine.  The Dodge Ram pickup is stunning this year.  The title “pickup” almost seems inappropriate, as the Ram is so much more than a simple pickup truck.

This absolutely beautiful machine, (that’s better), is just what a truck should be in the twenty-first century.  It has so much style and so much performance that it defies definition; pigeonholing is difficult for this piece of art.  Dodge did two years of extensive renovation on its Ram truck and Motor Trend, among many others feel it has paid off.  The nice engineers over there in Dodge land replaced the old V-6 with a new and much more powerful V-6, 3.6-liter engine as its base power source and of course, that gives up to twenty percent better fuel consumption and over 40% more horsepower.

Those R & D guys also gave you the choice of air-suspension, which provides self-leveling and a much smoother ride anywhere you go. This suspension also has five settings for ride/height adjustment and can lift the Ram up to four inches higher than it normally sits.  This Dodge, like many other vehicles in the Chrysler stable, stands head and shoulders above its closest competitors.  For more techs and specs on the RAM trucks visit Ohio’s Saint Marys Dodge.

Dodge, of course, doesn’t just make great trucks. They also build very cool and extremely functional SUVs, minivans, muscle cars and sports cars, like the Viper.

All in all, Dodge makes really nice things for people to drive in and be driven around in.  Dodge, under the Chrysler umbrella, feels like its busting out of the barn and moving into the future very fast.  Or maybe it just seems that way.  They’ve been at it for almost a hundred years so this could be one of those great times when everything comes together for a great company: the perfect storm.

The Ram did it and so have the Challenger, the Dart and the Viper.  They’ve all thrown themselves on the automotive stage and basically shown everybody how Oscar worthy (or Motor Trend worthy), they really are. They’ve come out into the spotlights and performed better than anyone could have expected them too.  Although it’s too early for them to take a bow, these wonderful masterpieces of workmanship and design have a great deal to be proud of.  So has Dodge and Chrysler.



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