How to Determine Authentic Dodge Engines


There’s this point in every car’s life wherein its engine would eventually turn totally unserviceable. Just like any other car parts, an engine also deteriorates and shuts down; and this is either due to old age or lack of maintenance.  With this, car owners have no choice but to scout for a new engine just to bring their cars back to life.

The car engine search may sound easy but getting the original one is quite hard. So, in order to get an original one for your car, you should try to know the basic characteristics of your car engine. This way, you could get the right engine that your car deserves. For Dodge car owners, below are the basic Dodge engine characteristics that you have to take note of.  You can always ask your local dealer and car repair shop and used cars—Zeigler Dodge.

Dodge Engine Characteristics

Dodge car owners should take note that the average physical statistics of Dodge engines are 4.02 x 4.72 inches. And before actually buying the engine, you should examine its stroke and bore that is situated on one side of the engine. Once you ascertained that it is intact and in perfect mint condition, you can now consider buying it for good.

Valve System

One of the things you need to check before buying a Dodge car engine is its overhead valve system that is located at the top of the engine. An original Dodge car engine has 24 valves and that’s completed with a sliding solid follower. The top part is in cylindrical shape and is made out of metal. If none of the indicators are present, then it is not an original Dodge engine.


Also try to know its horsepower capacity. The horse power of dodge engines actually depends on the Dodge car models. Take note that the 2001 HEMI Dodge car engine has a 245 HP capacity while 2005 HEMI has a 350 HP capacity.

Shape and Design

Dodge car engines are created with a visually circular shape. It also has large valves that are arranged in a 90 degree angle. Dodge car engines may look like any other car engines at first but once you closely examine it, you will notice that there is a significant difference. And that these Dodge engines are made with finesse and for absolute perfection.

Serial Numbers

Serial numbers are usually created to set the authenticity of a certain item. This is also true with car engines. As for Dodge car engines, its serial numbers can be seen at the timing gear near the driver’s side. Aside from the serial number, its information plate contains the engine horse power capacity and CPL numbers.

In order to get the original Dodge car engines, it would be best if you visit car parts shops that are authorized to distribute Dodge car parts. There are actually several authorized outlets scattered all over the globe. All you have to do is visit the nearest one in your place. When it comes to price rates, there is no need to worry for these engines are being offered at reasonable prices. But since you are already well versed with the basic traits of an authentic Dodge car engine, for sure you will have no difficulty determining that for your next car purchase.

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