Smart Phone Gets Smarter Navigation

Google Maps Navigation

Google Maps Navigation for Android

Instead of wasting time stuck in traffic, why not have an application on your smart phone that immediately starts finding a faster route around the madness?  With the latest Google Maps for Android, after entering a destination, the app will find the path of least resistance.  Unfortunately, this is not always a straight line.

According to Google, the new phone app will take your destination and find a route based on real time traffic information and historical data.  In addition, the ability to find your on route exists, because the application will also provide you with information on where the actual traffic jam may be located.

Currently Google Maps Navigation, which is in beta, offers a ton of fun options to ensure your next trip is a smooth one.  Built in Voice Search, Traffic View, Satellite View, and Street View help verify you have the latest and greatest information.  Also, it’s free!

Personally, my HTC Incredible with Android OS has replaced my Tom Tom.  Its more up to date, convenient, and I’m more likely to have my phone on me than my GPS.  I’m incredibly paranoid about people breaking into my vehicle, usually my GPS is in my home.  My phone is always with me and leaves with me when I exit the vehicle.   I just hope Google doesn’t plan on making it a paid app, I could even deal with a few banners every once in awhile.

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