The Best Accessories For Your Car

Becoming a car owner is one of the first major milestones of adulthood. The car in North America symbolizes independence and freedom, allowing the owner to whisk off to distant locations in comfort and style with enough room to bring along a friend or two. However, even the coolest car will have dozens of similar models on the road in your town — so how do you personalize it and make it your own? The answer lies in car accessories, and we’ll explore a few of the many types on the market that can personalize your ride.

Interior Car Accessories

The best accessories for your car interiors are those that you can’t do without. These include accessories that make it easier for you to listen to your favorite tunes, conduct business calls while on the road or help you navigate to new places.

In many states, it’s against the law to use your cell phone while driving. Since most phones today are Bluetooth-enabled, it’s often just a matter of getting a compatible Bluetooth headset and a mount for your phone. Others options patch into the car audio system and have a built in mic to pick up your voice while leaving your hands free. Having this system allows you to communicate while keeping your attention on the road — which is much better than having to pull over, risk getting into an accident or getting a ticket.

Hooking up your iPod or MP3 player into your car audio system allows you to have hours of music without needing to switch CDs around. Many newer vehicles feature ⅛ inputs that will mate up with any MP3 player on the market. Older vehicles will require an integration kit which may set you back $30 to $50, but is much cheaper than switching out the entire audio system.

Lastly, GPS systems are a great accessory for your car. You’ll never need to mess with maps or worry about getting lost again. However, if you want something a little more fun for your car’s interior you can customize anything you want, including your car mats, seat covers, steering wheel and even the pedals.

Exterior Car Accessories

When you really want your car to stand out, you customize the exterior. These changes are far more noticeable since only a relatively small amount of people will ever sit inside your car. While opting for a custom paint job is a sure way to dramatically alter the look of the car, it’s also one of the priciest ones. Some other options to consider include tinting your windows, adding a vanity plate or upgrading to chrome wheel rims. However, all the chrome in the world is almost invisible at night. You can address this with a neon under-car light kit that mounts onto the bottom of your car and lights up at night — definitely an eye-catcher!

These are just some of the best car accessories available today. With a little bit of research, you can find the perfect accessories for your style and budget.

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