C-X75 Electric Super Car by Jaguar

Jaguar has released more information on their all electric super car, known as the C-X75.  Debuted at the Paris Auto Show, the all new slim lined super car promises heart stopping acceleration, to the tune of 0-60 in 3.4 seconds.  So let’s look at how Jaguar achieved supercar performance from an all electric vehicle, a goal trying to be reached by major car manufacturers, like the Lamborghini Electric Super Car and the 700 HP Porsche Hybrid.

[box type=”info”]C-X75 contains a 200 hp motor, no wait, it contains 4 of them![/box]

The C-X75 is powered by four separate motors, each providing the go juice to a single wheel, to the tune of 200 horse power.  So, if my math skills from 2nd grade still hold up, that means the Jaguar electric super car is pumping out a total of 800 hp.  Even more amazing is the total torque of over 1,100 lb ft.

Although the Jaguar C-X75 is considered all electric super goodness, it does have the ability to extend it’s electric only range via the use of 2 gasoline turbines.  The turbines produce enough electricity for the C-X75 to travel over 550 miles.  None of the power to the car ever comes directly from the gasoline turbines, rather the power produced goes to the batteries in the Jag and then to each wheel.  Without the aid of the gas turbines, the C-X75 is only capable of about 68 miles.

With the speeds this super car is capable of, the all electric max distance may take just 20 mins to run out of juice. Ha!  Count me in.

One thought on “C-X75 Electric Super Car by Jaguar

  1. Chris Weber

    4 motors.. wowza! I’m too old school for this super car stuff man hahaha. I’m wondering what it would take to afford one of these bad boys?? Could I sell my house and maybe buy one or is that still not enough.


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