BMW Recall For Brake Problems

BMW has announced a recall for over 190,000+ cars in North America because of brake problems.  The recall applies to only V8 and V12 models, which include the M 5, 6, and 7 series.  Furthermore, this recall includes cars made as early as 2002 in the Rolls-Royce lineup.

Making matters worse is that the BMW recall may affect almost an additional 150,000 more cars worldwide, bringing the total to more than 300,000 cars recalled (actual numbers have not yet been verified by BMW -ed).  The problem stems from a possible leak in the brake line, which then leads to a loss in power braking.  Anyone who has ever driven a car with out power brakes can attest to the difficulty of stopping and need to adjust driving habits.  It’s a needed recall, if even a small number of BMW’s are affected.

It may take up to 2 weeks for recall notices to be sent out, but if you are experiencing braking issues now, get to the dealership immediately.  Of all the things to go wrong with a vehicle, the brakes are the last place you want to take any chances.  BMW dealerships should already be equipped to handle the problem, but will be briefed on a replacement process, along with stocking brake parts to arrive shortly.

Amazingly enough, this is only a voluntary recall in Britain, where only 10,000 vehicles have so far been affected.  We’ll monitor complaints to see how far this recall affects the US and other countries.  Most likely this initial recall notice has been put in place to avoid any sort of fine, much like the fine Toyota received for not announcing a recall sooner.

For more information on the BMW recall for Oct 1, 2010 please call 1-800-525-7417

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