Pagani Zonda HH Supercar

Zonda is a popular super car that has been around for quite some time, noted by it’s cluster of quad exhaust in the back.  However, Pagani has released some images of it’s next iteration of the Zonda, in the HH Supercar.

Powered by a throbbing v12 engine at a massive 7.3 liters of displacement, the Zonda HH is capable of producing just under 700 horsepower.  In terms of torque, the Zonda produces just about 575 lb ft, yet allows for a zero to 60 mph in just 3.4 seconds.  What will really take the breath away in this ultra light high horsepower application is the top speed, which doesn’t start losing steam until 217 mph.

What makes these super quick 0-60 times and top speeds possible is the super light weight construction of the body.  Almost every component in the Pagani Zonda HH super car is built from carbon fiber, which keeps the curb weight down to just over 2600 lbs.

No price tag has been released by Pagani, mainly because the Zonda HH is not going up for sale, at least yet.  This super car has been built custom for an American enthusiast.  I’m going to assume he picked out the colors as well, a beautiful blue with gray accents, or vice versa. 😉

Check out the Pagani Zonda HH supercar pics below:

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