Imagine a MINI Cooper on steroids, lifted, stretched, and morphed into something that resembles the space found in a mid-size SUV.  Now, wrap your mind around the idea of MINI producing such a vehicle under the Countryman moniker.  Next, MINI has decided to take the Countryman Cooper S and turn it into a Rally machine, essentially getting back to their racing roots.

The Countryman will be the largest Cooper built and the S model will be tuned to perform on the rally course.  It’s 4 doors and two turbos will provide utility and performance, to the tune of 0-60 in about 7 seconds.  Although this information is all in the research and development stage, figures hope to be firmed up by 2011, when MINI enters the rally car market.

Check out pictures of the jacked up MINI Cooper Countryman S:

One thought on “MINI Cooper SUV

  1. Car Guy

    I’m all for a Mini Cooper SUV, expecially if it gets good gas mileage. Mini Coopers just plain look good too, if they do this I will be the first one to hop on the deal. I’m a big Mini Cooper fan!


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