Lamborghini Electric Supercar

Like other car makers, Lamborghini has started focusing on the possibilities of creating an green all electric vehicle  or EV.  Porsche and Ferrari have already announced their intent to produce electric or hybrid cars, worth of wearing a supercar name.  Why wouldn’t Lamborghini jump on board?  Although not yet wrapped in a cool Italian name, the Lamborghini EV concept car has already been hinted at.

Currently there are only Lamborghini artists rendering of what the Lamborghini EV may look like.  Low, mean, and built to hold big batteries, the sharp lines help it fit perfectly into the Lamborghini lineup.  Research and development says the Lamborghini EV will use 4 electric motors, one at each wheel.  Not only will this setup help with handling but also in producing supercar worthy power.

According to Lamborghini research, the number one complaint with EV vehicles is the lack of sound.  It’s impossible to appreciate the supercar experience, without the sound of a throaty engine or high strung turbo or supercharger.  Lamborghini has answered this call with the fitment of jet turbines, which will hopefully be integrated some way, other than just for sounds sake.

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