NMRA July 17th in Joliet, IL

I’ll be attending the NMRA in Joliet, IL on saturday July 17th.  There will be pictures taken, video captured, and plenty of memories made of my annual journey up north.  Usually I end up spending a good amount of time in the car show area and take a break in the bleachers with a nice cold brew and watch some drag racing.

The National Mustang Racing Association event will actually start on Thursday July 15th and continue through the weekend until July 18th.  There are always a ton of booths, awesome drag racing, and this year 2 massive car shows.  As of now, weather wise, looks like there might be some scattered rain on Saturday, but other than that smooth sailing.

If you are a vendor and have some cool swag to hook me up with I’ll be happy to do a free sponsored post for your company.  Please use this form to contact me to arrange a meeting, as I’d love to say hi and see what your company is doing for the Mustang market.  Hope to see you there!

Expect a few posts once I get back, which will include NMRA pictures and video.

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