Acura TSX Sport Wagon Photos

Acura is currently working on an all new TSX Sport Wagon.  It reminds me of the Audi RS6 Avant Wagonmeister, but perhaps it’s time a company blends luxury and sport wagon right.  Acura promises that the TSX will be the best of performance, style, technology and utility.  However, maybe because of my age, the TSX just looks like any other granny vehicle on the road.

What makes the TSX different is that it promises to offer a powerful engine, pumping power through a 4-wheel drive transmission.  Furthermore, the TSX offers efficiency to keep up with the likes of smaller less useful cars, by delivering all the performance yet maintaining at least 30 miles per gallon on the high way.  Like other performance sedans, this sport wagon claims a sport-tuned suspension that allows for agile handling and straight line performance.

On the style side, the new Acura TSX flaunts it’s European heritage.  Clean lines and ‘a remarkably sleek wagon’ emits an elegance not usually found in a utility vehicle.  While other car makers are building utility vehicles on large SUV chasis, Acura hopes buyers will tune into it’s high efficiency designs and functionality.

The Acura TSX is also pumped to the rim with technology only available in Acura vehicles.  For example, topping the charts are the Acura Navigation System, Acuralink real time traffic and weather updates, high end surround sound speaker system and even a built in hard drive capable of storing over 3,000 songs.

Will the new Acura TSX bring back a niche from the brink?  I suspect it won’t, that is unless Acura decides to offer a more potent engine than it’s standard 2.4 liter 4 banger.  I’ve yet to see the horsepower and torque figures, but as soon as you pack that TSX full of goodies you’ll be bogged down while trying to merge onto the interstate.  Efficiency is pointless unless it can be delivered in a usable package, just like the impressive cargo space.

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