2011 Ford Escape For The Blind

Believe it or not, Ford has developed technology that would potentially allow a blind person to drive a vehicle.  However, it’s not just any vehicle, on display at the National Convention For The Blind annual convention is a 2011 Escape, which is outfitted with technology that will allow blind people to drive.  It’s truly a leap of faith in technology to allow an SUV on the highway with a blind person, but Ford says we are not far from that reality.

If the technology is a success and a price point can be met, blind people will have their first opportunity to drive legally.  The SUV uses technology that sense which way a persons should steer and transforms those signals into vibrations in specially developed gloves that the driver would wear.  Personally, this makes absolutely zero sense to me, but it is a real technology being used today.

It’s called nonvisual interface technology, which utilizes a drivers other senses to translate what’s going on around them.  For example, vibrations in special gloves or even compressed air being blown in the face or body of the driver to indicate when traffic is near.

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