Fuel Efficient Used Cars

Now, more than ever, people are trying to save money by purchasing fuel efficient cars.  Often the focus is on new cars, which offer high miles per gallon, but also come with a big price tag.  The cost of technology to create lower emissions and high efficiency can create a daunting monthly payment, which voids the savings, unless driven for years to come.  I suggest purchasing a good fuel efficient used car and below are my two suggestions.

Ford Focus

The Ford Focus has proven itself to be a reliable small car.  It’s offered in several different styles, from 4 door to hatch back, but all provide gas savings.  Usually equipped with a 2.0 liter 4 cylinder engine, these small cars are capable on the freeway, small enough for the city, yet provide enough cargo space for most daily needs.

A 2001 used Ford Focus can be found for as little as $6,000.  What’s even more important is that there were a lot of these cars manufactured, so there are plenty of options in the used car market, to find the Focus that’s right for you.  A used Ford Focus would be the perfect car for a ‘work’ car making a long commute or for quick trips in the city running errands.

Although not overly luxurious, a good used Ford Focus can be one of the best used cars on the market.

Honda Civic

My next suggestion would be to purchase a good used Honda Civic.  I’d recommend the Civic for most of the same reasons as buying a used Focus.  Fuel efficiency, reliability, and sheer numbers in the used car market.  Although it can be a positive or negative, a Honda Civic will hold a higher resale value than the Ford Focus.  This doesn’t mean there aren’t good deals to be found.

As of this posting I’ve found a listing for a 2000 used Honda Civic for just $6,000, albeit with a little over 120,000 miles.  High miles shouldn’t be a major deterrent when purchasing a used car, especially when looking at a reliable car like the Honda Civic.  If well maintained it’s not unheard of to push these cars past the 150k or 200k mile mark.

With the Honda Civic’s proven reliability record and high resale value, I’d recommend a used Honda Civic to any used car buyer trying to save on transportation costs.

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