2011 Nissan GT-R

There is an absolutely beautiful 2011 Nissan GT-R that has been parked at the edge of the Nissan dealership down the road from me.  It’s nose poked out in front of  the other models, tempting me like some cheap hooker hanging on the out the door of a motel room.  Problem is, that’s no cheap hooker, it’s a premium model 2011 GT-R, which has a sticker price of $84,000.  I see why it’s been there for awhile.

[ad#Google Adsense]Is it a Skyline?  It’s the ultimate in performance from Nissan, which could be compared to it’s Skyline models over seas.  Not that the US has been cheated or anything, the 2011 GT-R is a monster in every since of the word and in street trim it looks ready to carve the corners of the Nurburgring.

The standard GT-R comes equipped with a heart stopping 3.8 liter twin-turbo charged V6, producing 485 horsepower.  Enough to keep the GT-R floating over the asphalt after being ripped to the back of your seat from the very capable 24-Valve engine and 434 lb ft of torque.  All that power is transferred through a double-clutch 6 speed transmission, complete with 3 different drive modes.  The three different transmission modes tune the transmission and engine to work best in the distinct driving conditions, normal, snow, and maximum performance R mode.

Everything on the 2011 GT-R has been engineered to be performance minded, including the use of light weight materials all the way around.  For instance, the wheels are made of a super-lightweight forged-alloy, designed to cut down on drag and grip the tires under heavy acceleration.  The hood, deck lid, and other body panels are also machined from light weight, yet rigid aluminum.  Furthermore, the GT-R has HID head lights, LED tail lights and the front lip spoiler and rear spoiler have been designed to be functionally aerodynamic.

Inside the 2011 GT-R it’s a lotta go, but plenty of luxury as well.  For instance, the GT-R comes equipped with push button start, but also features a blue-tooth enabled phone system.  The seats have been made of leather with suede inserts, complete with bum heaters and french stitched dashboard and door panels.  It really is top of the line in terms of performance, function, and luxury, making it well worth the high class floosy price tag.  It just wants you inside of it.

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