Ford Fiesta Vs Lamborghini

Ford has been working diligently to build anticipation on the return of the Fiesta.  Up till now they’ve been focusing on handing out Fiesta’s and recording peoples trips via social networks like Twitter and Facebook, which has met some success.  At least people are talking about the new Fiesta and what it means to compete with the micro car market in the US.  Their latest viral video pits a new Fiesta against a Lamborghini and the results are…expected.

The video shows the Fiesta and Lamborghini competing against each other in two different orange cone competitions.  The first challenge pits the Fiesta against the performance power house in a straight stretch race.  Well, the Lambo obviously won, to the disappointment of the eye candy instigator.

Next challenge up is a specially designed turning challenge, which the Fiesta wins.  It highlights the new Fiesta’s ability to make sharp turns, to the tune of a 34.5 ft turning diameter.  Try after try, the Lamborghini just can’t make that kind of turning radius, mostly attributed to it’s length.

2011 Ford Fiesta vs Lamborghini

The video goes on to show the Lamborghini try and try to make that corner, but fails everytime.  After the challenges the announcer keeps noticing things that make the Fiesta better than the Lamborghini, like cap less gas tank, turn signals in the mirrors, and more cargo space.  It’s cute, gets the point accross, and I commend Ford on taking an approach like this, it will get people talking.

Watch the YouTube Ford Fiesta Vs Lamborghini Here

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