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Scooters have been increasing in popularity for the past few years, in part due to the increase in gas prices, but also to the fact that new cars are outrageously priced.  An inexpensive alternative is purchasing a 2-wheel transportation device.  Honda has anticipated an increase in scooter sales this year, so they announced an early release of their 2011 PCX and Ruckus Scooters.

2011 Honda PCX

2011 Honda PCX

It’s an every day driver, priced to compete, and built to last the abuse of a daily commute.  The Honda PCX has also been described as a fun and stylish ride, that damn near resembles a crotch rocket.  As far as scooters are concerned it’s labeled a mid-size, with plenty of pep to compete with road real estate.

The 2011 Honda PCX features a 125cc engine, capable of delivering amazing fuel economy, without the sacrifice of power.  The 2011 offers a programmed fuel injection, which offers tight throttle response at all speeds.

Only two colors are offered in the 2011 PCX, Pearl White and Candy Red.  Both look good on the angular lines and pitch black accents.

2011 Honda Ruckus

2011 Honda Ruckus

Is it really too cool to know it’s a scooter?  Honda claims that the 2011 Ruckus is so cool it doesn’t need any flashy body panels, it’s stipped down business, rugged, and features some meaty tires.

The 2011 Ruckus features a 49cc engine, which may not sound like a lot, until you realize it has a curb weight of just 194 pounds.  My guess is the drivers will weigh more than this little utility beast.

Pricing has yet to be announced for the 2011 Honda Ruckus.

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