Toyota Sports Car Under $20,000

Baby Ft-86

[ad#Google Adsense]Perhaps you’ve heard about the Toyota FT-86 concept sports car and perhaps you’ve heard that Toyota had hoped to keep the retail price under $20,000.  Had you heard these rumors you would be right, but unfortunately you’d also be wrong.  Toyota announced the other day that due to research and development costs the FT-86 will have a price tag slightly over $20k.  The good news is that they are also planning on releasing a slightly less sportier version of the FT-86, which will retail for around $15,000.

Also known as the AE-86, this new sports car from Toyota will feature a front-engine rear-wheel drive setup.  Obviously this type of performance setup will feed into the younger generations urge to drift in Haapanese and will likely fill the needs for an inexpensive car in the US that doesn’t have 4 doors.  Toyota has labeled the less expensive FT-86 as a ‘Baby’, although it hasn’t been made clear yet whether that refers to the physical size or just performance.

There have been no release dates set for the Toyota FT-86 Baby, but the standard FT-86 should start hitting show room floors sometime in the next 1-2 years.  Let’s just hope they can keep pricing around the $20k mark and we may have a successful model on our hands that can appeal to both young and old alike.  The body lines remind you of a Ferrari, so lets also hope that there is at least some semblance of performance lurking under the extended hood line.

Most likely the FT-86, photos below, will be marketed under the Scion branding.  Check out photos of the FT-86 from the 2009 Tokyo Auto Show.

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