Hummer H3 Recall Less Serious Than Toyota Recall

Hummer H3 Recall

It’s a recall and it must be reported, but the latest recall from GM is hardly as serious as the recalls made by Toyota so far in 2010.  The Hummer H3 has been recalled due to a faulty fake hood vent, which can become lose and actually release during normal driving.  All Hummer H3’s made from 2006-2010 are affected and should be brought into car lots for a fix.

There is a simple fix for the Hummer H3 recall, which involves actually gluing the fake hood vent down.  And yet a better idea, how about not putting fake hood vents on vehicles anyway, make it real or leave it out.  Pretty silly recall involving almost 200,000 Hummer H3, which is the smaller version of the Hummer models.

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