Porsche Panamera Recall

Porsche Panamera

Porsche Panamera

Toyota isn’t the only one having recall issues as of late, although Toyota tops the quantity of recalls, high end cars are not without problems as well.  Today Porsche recalled all 11,300 Panameras built to fix a seat belt issue, a malfunction in the seat belt tensioner.

It should be noted that Porsche has always received top marks from J.D. Power and Associates for quality and it’s a sobering reminder that no one is perfect.  It’s also worth noting that the recall is a minor one compared to the headlines coming from Toyota lately.

Today Toyota announced another recall, this time affecting the 2003 Sequoia.  The item affected in this model year is a potentially malfunctioning stability control system.  I would think by now Toyota would be offering a special Recall Promotion Event, to help move some cars out the door.

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