Buy A New Hybrid Car Guide

This is a guest guide on purchasing a new hybrid car.

[ad#Google Adsense]The hybrid car, also known as hybrid electric vehicle is equipped with two types of engines including electric and combustion. The car will take turns to use the two engines unless the driver needs to drive in a faster speed than it can be handled by them. Hybrid cars are environmentally friendly because of the low emission and fuel efficiency.

Buying hybrid cars can help to stop the global climate change because it emit lesser pollution. With lesser emission, the air will become cleaner which promotes a healthy lung. Conventional internal combustion engine will emit hydrocarbons, nitrogen and carbon monoxide in the air which causes poisonous smog. Nitrogen oxide and carbon dioxide are the main causes of climate change around the world. Hybrid cars also help you to save money on fuel at the petrol pumps. Because hybrid car produce lesser emissions, it will cost less to fill up the tank.

New Hybrid CarThere are three hybrid car varieties including full hybrids, mild hybrids and plug-in hybrids. Full hybrid uses 1 – 3 electric motors to power the vehicle with full electric charge. If run at electric power, full hybrids can operate at a low speed of 25 mph. When using the gas engine, the electric motor will contribute power when you attempt to accelerate the car. There is a wide range of full hybrids from sedans to SUVs. Example of full hybrid includes Toyota Prius. Mild hybrids are not as efficient as full hybrid. The difference between a full hybrid and a mild hybrid is that mild hybrid can only operate in electric mode. The electric motor in mild hybrid is small size.  Mild hybrid can automatically turn off the engine when it is not moving but it will not drive in electric power during a slow traffic. Mild hybrid is cheaper than full hybrids but they don’t deliver the as much fuel efficiency and emission reduction.

Before buying a hybrid car, you must decide the type of hybrid you want. There are three types of hybrid cars including Super Ultra Low-Emission Vehicles (SULEV), Ultra Low-Emission Vehicles (ULEV) and Partial Zero Emission Vehicles (PZEV). Partial Zero Emission Vehicle is the cleanest hybrid car model except for models that operate with battery electric or hydrogen fuel cell.

You must determine where you will be using the hybrid car. Hybrid cars are suitable to be used in the urban or suburban settings. If the cars run at low RPM, you will benefit from the fuel savings while driving in traffic jam because of the many stop and go traffic short trips.

The hybrid electric car is more expensive than the gas powered vehicle because of the limited production numbers. The high price tag is also due the higher mechanical complexity compare with the standard car.

After you have decides on a hybrid car, you must find out if your local car dealers have the model. You can visit the online car comparison sites to find out the cost of the car on available models. You must also find out where you can send the car for repair in case it breaks down.

To save on hybrid car, you can check with your local tax department to see if you are qualified for any tax deduction. Some cities offers free parking space for hybrid electric car as an effort to increase environment awareness. Hybrid electric car will automatically recharge the batteries as you drive and brake the car. Therefore, drivers will never have to plug the car into an electric outlet to recharge the power.

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