How To Rent A Hybrid Car

This is a guest article on renting a hybrid car.

[ad#Google Adsense]Since a few years ago, hybrid car production is very limited in the market so renting is almost impossible. However, you can now have a complete hybrid car rental at anytime.  Most of the major car rental companies has added a few thousands hybrid cars into their car rental center. In the upcoming years, these companies plan to add more in order to meet the increasing demand. Despite that, the car rental company are still facing problem in fighting for the same hybrid models. Some car rental companies offer a large range of hybrid cars in their inventories. Renting a hybrid car allows you to help the environment through the low emission of carbon dioxide into the air. You will also have a chance to try out the hybrid car and decide whether you should buy one.

There are higher demands for renting hybrid car because consumers hope to save in fuel. As the production of hybrid car advanced, the rental cars will add more hybrid cars to their inventory so that  you won’t have to prebook it anymore. Until now, consumers will have to make reservation for the hybrid model in advance.

Before renting a hybrid car, you must research on the available model and rank them according to your liking. Some of the popular hybrid car models include Prius from Toyota, the Escape from Ford and Honda Insight. After that, you can make a call to the rental car company and request for renting the first choice of hybrid car on your list. If they don’t have the car model, you can ask for the other cars in your list.

Alternatively, you can research the availability of the model on the internet. Some hybrid car companies can be slow to update the availability of certain models on their website. For a faster response, you can make a call to the car rental companies. If you want to rent a car from Hertz, you should call the toll free number 1-800-654-3131. For car rental with National, you can make a toll free call at 1-800-328-4567. To inquire about the availability of the hybrid car at Budget, you should call the toll free number 1800 527 0700.

If the car rental agencies do not have a hybrid car near you, you can visit the Toyota Rent a Car site to find a nearby hybrid car rental agency. Toyota Rent a Car website offers a large range of Toyota hybrid cars from different dealers across the United States including Prius, Camry and Highlander. By submitting your reservation a few weeks before departure, you are guaranteed to get a hybrid car.

You can visit the Green Collection section on If you are unable to find a suitable hybrid, you can always rent a conventional engine car that is equipped with high gasoline mileage. When renting a hybrid car, you will be required to pay a premium rate compare to traditional car.

To save on the rental fee, you can take advantage of special discount plans. If you are a member of AAA, AARP or other organizations, you can show them your membership cards to obtain a discount when making a reservation for the hybrid cars.

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