Tips To Maximize Efficiency In A Hybrid

This is a guest article for tips on maximizing the efficiency of your hybrid car.

Achieving maximum efficiency for a hybrid car involves the same steps as for a standard vehicles. However, hybrid cars produce different effects of the stop and go driving in the urban places. For example, the Toyota Prius has a higher EPA rating for urban driving than road driving while Prius does not use up any fuel when the car is not moving.

Fuel EfficiencyTo save fuel, you should not drive the car aggressively or speed on the highway. Instead, you should start off the car slowly with gradual acceleration to increase the hybrid fuel efficiency.

[ad#Google Adsense]To increase fuel efficiency, you must used the car air conditioning regularly. The Idaho National Laboratory reported that using air conditioner in hybrid car has a drastic impact on the fuel economy of a hybrid car

You should bring your automobile vehicles for regular service. A hybrid vehicle that is maintained properly will allow you to achieve the highest fuel efficiency.

Your tire must have the adequate pressure in order to function properly. If there is not enough pressure in the tire, the tire will become soft and hard to handle and control. You should check the tire pressure from time to time and maintain it according to the level as suggested by your manufacturer.

Hybrid car cannot work efficiently in a cold temperature so you should avoid driving it during the winter.

When braking, you should allow enough space between your hybrid car and the car in front so that you can managed the momentum properly.

When approaching a stop light, you should decelerate slowly from far away to prevent coming to a complete stop. If you attempt to accelerate the car to a complete stop, you will use up more fuel after coasting.

If possible, you can use the cruise control to avoid the heavily pushing the gas pedal which can decrease the vehicle mileage.  Cruise control helps the car to save on the mileage.

If you frequently travel on toll roads, you should obtain a cruising pass. By avoiding unnecessary stops and starts, you can increase the fuel economy.

If the vehicle is stopped and not moving, you can shut off the engine to save the gas. The hybrid car does not depend on the gasoline engine because it is equipped with an electric motor. Therefore, the gasoline engines can sometimes be shut down.

You can use low rolling resistance tire to optimize your hybrid car for efficiency. Although most hybrid cars are equipped with a sound tire for providing a smooth ride, most of them are not optimize and will cause a lot of dragging when moving on the roadway. To solve this problem, you can use a stiffer tire that is inflated with higher pressure.

To improve the fuel efficiency, you should use advanced aerodynamics to reduce the drag force. While driving on the highway, the engine of the hybrid car will attempt to use the aerodynamic drag force to push the car through the air. The aerodynamic drag force can be reduced by decreasing the frontal space of your car.

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