Tinting Car Windows

[ad#Google Adsense]Every automobile I’ve ever owned has had custom tinted windows.  To me, nothing can be done to a car to make a more noticeable difference with plenty of cool factor.  In addition, the price is extremely reasonable if you tint the windows yourself.  However, tinting a window is not for everyone, it requires patience and the ability to avoid putting down your windows for at least 24 hours. 😉

To start off, keep in mind that each state has different rules in regards window tinting.  Window tint is measured by how dark it is in percentages, meaning 5% would be very dark window tint, where 35% would allow more light through and be easier to see through.  35% can be a safe bet for most states that require safety inspections to be licensed.  However, use what you are comfortable with, no cool factor is worth not being able to see out your windows.  Think safety first.

Prepping the window can also lead to individuals doing a bad tinting job.  Using amonia free cleaner and a lint free towel is required to clean the window and then dry.  Any type of residue left on the surface of the window will have an affect on the window tint.  Generally residue or particles can lead to a bad tint job where creases take over and you have to start over.

The next step is buying the proper window tint.  Many local auto stores provide rolls of window tint, which then need to be cut to match the window.  However, the best pricing can be found online, where kits can be purchased and individual rolls can be bought.

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As mentioned previously, the key to properly tinting a window is having patience. It is generally recommended to liberally apply a soapy water solution to the window when applying the film and then using a squeegee to remove the water, allowing the film to stick to the window. After you are confident you have all the bubbles removed, you begin cutting the film, leaving about an 1/8″ around the corners. The more time you spend on this step the less time you will spend redoing the entire car because you left too many air bubbles in the film.

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