Tips On How To Winterize A Hybrid Car

This is a guest article on tips to winterizing your hybrid car.

When approaching the winter, you should winterize your hybrid car to maintain the highest efficiency. Hybrid cars have the same winterizing need as do traditional car. There are a number of things that you should take into account while winterizing the hybrid cars.

WinterizeYou should perform assessment on the hybrid car and appropriate tune up when a winter is approaching. When diagnosing the hybrid car, you must check all car parts including the engine, brakes and etc. The cold temperature of the winter will worsen the existing fault in the car so you should get them repaired beforehand.

[ad#Google Adsense]You should check the antifreeze level of the car. Most engines in hybrid vehicles are water cooled like standard car engines. By ensuring the hybrid car has the right mixture of antifreeze, you can prevent possible damage caused by the frozen liquid.

To maintain maximum performance, you must change the oil and filter. Dirty oil will cause problem in the engines and decrease its efficiency. Besides the oil filter, you should also check other fluid levels and filters and replace them as necessary.

During the winter, it can be hard for the car to move in the snow. To solve this problem, you can install snow tires on your hybrid car so that it can travel smoothly across the snowy roads. You can also fix all season tires to your vehicles to obtain the best result.

If you live in an extremely cold region, you can install the engine block heater in your hybrid car. Before installing the block heater, you should call your hybrid car dealer to see if the model is equipped for it.

To increase the engine’s performance, you can install a front grill block. The front  grill block is installed between the grill and radiator. The front grill block has the ability to increase the car’s mileage.

In some hybrid model, the heater stop functioning when the car come to an idle stop. If you encounter this issue with your hybrid model, be sure to keep gloves and blanket in a nearby places so that you can easily accessed them.

You should get the appropriate oil change for your vehicle. During the cold weather, the oil in the car will become thicken. If the oil is too thicken, it cannot keep the engine from lubricated. You should refer to the manufacturer’s manual on what oil to use during the cold climate.

If your wiper blades is used for more than one year, you should replace it. The wiper blade must work efficiently so that you can see in a blinding storm. To help the wiper works properly, you can pour the windshield washer fluid into the windshield washer reservoir. Plain water should not be used because it will become frozen. You should also check the heater and defroster to make sure they are working properly.

During the winter, the hybrid car will have a lower mileage. The tank should be filled with gas all the time to maintain a minimum condensation. When pumping petrol at the station, you can also take time to check your tire pressure. The cold weather can decrease the tire pressure so you will have to pump in the tire pressure from time to time. Hybrid cars are lightweight so you’ll want to drive them slowly on icy road to prevent slipping.

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