Camaro Paint Chipping, Forum Post

[ad#Google Adsense]There was a new post in our automotive forums last week asking about problems with the paint on a new Camaro.  This brought up some interesting questions in regards to what manufacturers should be required to cover, how big a problem it really is, and whether or not it’s a design or application issue.  Forum member Sis, claims that she is experiencing paint damage on the lower part of her new Camaro, from normal driving and not on gravel roads.  Also, the dealer, nor GM are offering to fix the problem.

The car in question has only 8,000 miles, but is showing more wear in the paint than other cars the forum poster has owned with a lot more miles.  So is it a design issue or a paint application issue?

In my personal experience I owned a new Plymouth Neon back in 1997, which had paint issues on the deck lid.  The dealer and even Plymouth refused to do anything about the flaking of white paint.  However, after a lot of persistence I managed to get Plymouth to agree to pay 60% of the cost.  So, maybe this is another one of those issues where complaints will have to start rolling in before anything is done about it.  So I encourage anyone having paint issues on their new Camaro’s to start calling your local dealership and GM.  Perhaps with numbers we can get something done about the paint problem sis is having.

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  1. Mike

    I have a 2010 Camaro with severe paint chiping down low between the rear tires and the doors. Car has 1,800 miles on it. Paint is alsmost gone in one section. Going to dealer this week.

    What else can be done? And who can a person contact other than the dealer?

  2. Christopher Post author

    Mike, I would contact GM directly if your dealer isn’t willing to help out. Even if they say they are going to go to bat for you, I’d go around them and write a letter and call someone direct.

    Good luck and please keep us up to date on how it goes and what you find out.

  3. David

    My wife’s yellow one has the same issues and I saw a red one with the problem too. Something needs to be done because it has to be killing the value of the car.

  4. Christopher Post author

    Nothing worse than seeing a brand new sweet looking car with chipped paint. Makes it look like the owner doesn’t take care of it, although that’s obviously not the problem.

  5. Sis

    Hey this is sis again had side skirts applied to help get rid of some of the damage on my 2010 camaro, but quarter panel still looks bad. I am still having chips appear in this area, so don’t know how to stop this. Car design is what I think the problem is. Gm needs to fix this problem for all new camaro owners. My rocker panels looked like they were sand blasted they were so bad, such a shame for such a beautiful car.

  6. Pam

    I have a 2010 SS Camaro Transformer Edition with 700 miles on it and paint is literally off the passenger rear quarter panel. Filed complaint with GM and local dealer that I purchased the car from. Getting the run around. Value of the car just took a major dive. This is a show car, never seen rain or bad weather, kept in a garage or enclosed car trailer. So, how again is this my problem?

  7. Christopher Post author

    Hi Sis!

    Were you trying to post a picture? I can help if you want. Simply email me the picture through the contact page at the top and I’ll add it to this post here.

  8. Jerry Deel

    I have a 2011 camaro 2SS black and I have the same problem. The rear quarters are chipped real bad. The car has 15000 miles on it and the front fenders are completely bare on the front edges behind the front tires. The rocker panels look white and fade to grey. I drive the car on the highway 40 miles everyday as this is my everyday driver. I stopped at one dealership and they did not have a body shop but completely agreed with me that this is awful and should be warrantied. The front bumper is not chipped and the rear bumper is not chipped and the rear bumper takes all the abuse from the rear tires. The bumpers must be painted in another part of the plant or they have some type of adhesion promoter or flex additive in the paint. They could be different paint all together. Either way this is a shame. I am taking the car to another dealership to see what they say. GM needs a good paint quality department audit. I have friends that have new cobalts, chevy trucks and they do not have this issue. I own a 1994 camaro with 200,000 miles and a 2002 firebird with 115,000 miles and they are no where near as bad as my new camaro. I feel let down by GM.

  9. jeftex

    Has anyone made headway with issues of older modles with corrosion due to bad body adhesive? Rusting under paint on roof and down sail panel.

  10. Donna

    I am having the same problem. I have a 2010 yellow camaro, and the paint is chipping at the panels behind the driver & passenger doors. I took it by the dealership, and they took pics, and said they will have to talk to GM to see if it can be repainted in those areas.

  11. Angela

    I have a 2010 camaro RS. Having the same problems with the paint. Around my ddors and rear panels. I am so disgusted and Im gona contact my dealer. Anyone have any luck with this issue yet??

  12. Jeff

    Cannot believe we could not get a class action on this crap. They can sue for a hot cup of coffee but no this. I have an 02. what year did this begin? Regardless it is still going on.

  13. Denise

    I recently noticed (20,000km) that my camaro was chipping on top of the trunk area and beside the gas tank area. I thought at first that maybe I had something fling on it (even though I know nothing did). Then it seemed everytime I went to look at my car the chips just keep mulitplying. What the %$#@ is going on. This is not supposed to happen. I will be getting in touch with GM. This should be covered under the warranty -???

  14. Linda M Kelley

    Oh my. I to have too many chips in the paint just in front of the rear wheels of my Victory Red 2011. I am planning on taking it to the dealer paint shop. I have done a suvey of Camaros in the area and those with more miles than mine don’t have this rash of pits in front of their rear wheels like mine. It was so obvious at 5000 I asked the dealer where I bought it and they said it was normal. At this rate by 20,000 I’ll have bare body parts!!

  15. Brad Johnson

    This past April I purchased a 2011 Camaro. After just 3000 miles I had over 30 chips on both sides of the car behind the doors, on the rear quarter panels. I asked the dealer about it and the said it was normal. I then asked why they didn’t inform me of this problem before they sold me the car. I now have over a hundred chips on both sides and just over 7000 miles on the car. I think this is an on going problem. My car has never been down a gravel road and I take great care of it. It has to be a design flaw and for what the car costs the problem should be fixed.

  16. Brad Johnson

    The dealers seem to act like it a hassle. I love the car but not the dealer. I think they need to have issues like this looked at by an independent party. I can’t believe that this was occurring on 2010 and now they want 54,000 for the top of the line 2012’s. I guess they can say the car can go so fast the paint comes off. The problem is it comes off with everyday use.

  17. John

    I brought my 2011 Victory Red, 2011 Camaro 2LT to the dealer 2 weeks ago. concerned about paint chips behind the front wheels, and in front of the back wheels on both sides of the car. The dealer was great to deal with. They recommended that i add the Camaro mudflaps, and they kept my car for a week to repaint it at no charge to me. I did pay for the mudflaps, and installation. I just picked the car up today, and even though it looks great….I am concerned about how the paint will hold up. I asked them if i should have paid for a clear coat protection, when i purchased the car 4 months ago. They told me that it would not prevent paint chips. I bought a leftover 2011 Demo Camaro, and i have only put 4000 miles on the car. I traded in a 5 year old GM car, that had 60K miles on it, in red like the Camaro that i purchased, and never had a problem with paint chipping, like i am experiencing on this Camaro.

  18. daun

    In 2010 i ordered my RS camero Black w/silver stripes. immediately i noticed the paint chips on the Gills.. or i like to call the “hips” of the car. 2 years later, its so bad, now my whole car needs a paint job, the front bumper pits easy as well.. these cars need to come with either splash guards or better paint!Anytime i see a new camero, thats the first thing i tell that person, or they will regret it, later!!!

  19. Neal

    I have a black 2012 Camaro. At 1100mi saw paint chipping in front of both rear quarters. Dealer said it was due to the wide front tires and body design. Called GM. They blamed it on me driving on not so good roads! It’s never been on dirt or gravel roads! The roads in N.E. Pa are not great, but have other cars with much more miles with no problems. Anyway, GM’s last offer was for the dealer to paint the problem areas, front and rear quarters, and doors, and install mud flaps, I’m thinking the wheel flares, and for me too pay 50% of the cost. I am going to talk to the dealer tomorrow but don’t see any other choice at this point. I am really disgusted. Wish I would have known of this problem, I would not have bought a Camaro!!!

  20. Scott

    We bought an 2011 Camaro SS in January of 2012, it has less than 5000 miles on it now and we are losing paint from several places on the car, the worst being in front of the rear tires, GM rep will be in town tomorrow to decide if it is a GM problem or notm the dealership says its normal wear and tire ,I say BS they have known that this was an issue and have done nothing, will find out tomorrow whether I have finally after 3 new chevy trucks and 2 new chevy cars if this is the last one I will purchase, Loyalty means nothing to them apparently

  21. LostinUtah

    I have a 2011 Victory Red Camaro. Bought it new, just over a year old now. Just noticed a big ass paint chip right in the middle of the drivers door. Happened within a day, I always check my car for dead bugs and bird poop. I even have a bottle of water and a micro fiber cloth to wipe up messes. ANYWAY….went to dealer today, they sent me to their body shop. Body shop said… no dings or dents, BUT… a rock might of caused it since it doesn’t look like peeling. Looks like bad paint peeling to me. They took pictures and sent them to GM. Waiting for GM regional guy to come and look. Will keep you posted.

  22. LostinUtah

    Ok Gm rejected my claim that this is paint peel. Policy and Procedure Damage Due To Impact, Use, or the Environment.

    Even though there is absolutely no physical or visual damage to my car, GM rejected my claim based off several pictures that the Chevy dealer body shop sent to them. The reason why they took pictures was the fact that they could not determine what was going on, paint peel or rock chip with NO point of impact.. Amazing…..

    I now have 2 estimates, Chevy Collision Center is $350 and another body shop was $375.

    Today I called and filed a formal complaint to Chevrolet Customer Service and was given a case number. I will not hear back from the General Manager until Tuesday, I was told politely.

    I will do my best to make them fix it or have them go through $350 worth of trouble.

    The Dodge Charger is looking pretty good right now, SO SAD.

  23. Karen

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone has gotten a solution to the Camaro paint issue. I have a brand new 2012 and we just noticed bubbles on the paint on the trunk. I am contacting the dealership today, but wondered if anyone had gotten this taken care of yet.

  24. LostinUtah

    OK…Got a second opinion…did no good. Yes there is NO point of contact/impact, BUT paint just does not fall off.

    GM will not pay $350 to fix my car paint chip and have a happy costumer.

  25. Karen

    Just thought I would let the board know, Dealership has my car and is repainting it. Stated that I got some type of airborne pollutant on the car that is eating the clearcoat. I’ve never heard of that before… They had me wash it in baking soda before dropping it off to them to repaint. GM is covering this under the warrenty. I’m not real happy about the situation in general, but glad they are fixing the issue. However, this is the 3rd time I have had the car in the shop and it only has 3500 miles on it.

  26. Dana

    I have the 2010 Inferno Orange. I have pits in the door, all around the door, along lower panel & bumpers. This is a garage kept car. It is also driven strictly by me.
    I have had many cars, trucks & vans, driven by myself and four teens that never showed this kind of chipping. Dents…maybe, scratches…sometimes but never chipping.

  27. Susannah

    My 2012 RS Camaro in Victory Red is a dream car beauty but my experience is very simlar to the others here. It’s been just over two months now since I bought it. The chips started barely a month after purchase, all on the hood or sides above the wheelwells. There are five now. I take care of my car! I hand wash and dry it, always park it as far away from other cars as I can get and I don’t care how far I have to walk, and it’s kept with a cover on under a carport that sheltered on 3 sides. I drove my last car, a Camry, for 13 years in the same way and places as this Camaro, but in all that time the Camry only had 3 small chips and it would be years in between them. Now it seems that every time I look, another chip has appeared. This is ridiculous — an automaker in business for as long as GM shouldn’t be producing cars with faulty and inferior paint on them. I made an appointment with the dealer for Monday and I will know then what they will say but this is very very bad. Even IF they agree to repaint it under warranty, if they use the same faulty paint what good is that? I am very busy and it’s hard for me to make time to take the car in and wait around while they look at it and neither can I have a car whose paint job is chipping off little by little. Makes me also wonder what else might be wrong with the car. I should have bought another Camry. It ran like a charm and was STILL running strong when I sold it!

  28. Marshal Shlafer

    2012 Rally Yellow RS convertible, purchased new in May of 12. Numerous spots (probably a dozen or so), mainly on doors and quarter panels, down to the primer, in no particular location or pattern.

    These are more or less circular, probably no more than 1/16″ to 1/8″ in diameter. Nobody else but me probably sees them, but I do, and I paid for the darned car and how well I take care of it.

    No blistering/bubbling, the paint’s just gone. Have never been on a dirt road or, for here in Michigan, roads with potholes filled with junk or snow/ice treated with salt.

    Was going to wait to contact dealer when my first service is due, but I think I’ll do it sooner and do my best to push things. I’ve owned many cars, from inexpensive to not (last one being a 2010 Mustang GT), and never had this problem happen except in the bad old days of paint technology, probably 20 years ago.

  29. crybabie cry

    purchased a yellow 2012 camaro on may 10, 2012 brand new. Next morning notice paint chipped off hood. Dealership fixed that. Couple weeks later noticed chipping off the roof of car…notified dealer. they claimed acid rain or bird poop & possibly a rock. It resembled paint chipping on hood. They said it wasnt covered. Next week noticed paint chipping back quater panel on drivers side. Jay Chevy said it was from rocks..look just like other chipping areas. Jay chevy said they wouldnt fix it nor the unpainted areas inside my door, under the trunk latch. But they would paint the ground effects paint chipping off on both sides. Called GM & THEY SAID, “THIS IS NORMAL BUT PAINT ISNT WARRANTIBLE & ALL the camaro’s at Jay Chevy in Highland, Mi have the same unpainted inside doors & trunk latch area.” So, its normal & i must accept the fact that my car wasnt paint correctly(its green in spots) or completely & chipping of the paint. As well as peeling rims, rattling noise @39 mpg, loud noise from the rear on the highway & squeeky windows when letting them down is just normal unfortunately. On Sept 20, 2012 I WAS INFORMED THAT Jay Chevy nor GM would paint nothing but the ground effects! IM DONE WITH GM. I ASKED THEM SINCE JULY TO HELP ME WITH THE PROCESS OF RETURNING THIS HEADACHE BACK TO THEM. Noone would help me & told me i had to figure that out on my own…Laybron & Ms. A.G. @ GM Chevy was a joke! I think its class action lawsuit time Camaro owners! Crying & regret the decision to buy a GM car!!! I will never ever purchase nothing from these crooks again!!! GM is a joke!!!

  30. crybabie cry

    chipping paint on Yellow 2012 Camaro. Hood, roof, side quarter panel on drivers side, ground effects, inside doors& trunk latch area. its white little areas where paint is missin on quarter panels, hood & roof. black areas on ground effects where paint missing. Inside doors & trunk area is green where paint is thin & missing. GM & JAY CHEVY in Highland, Mi will only paint ground effects said, “paint isnt warrantable & all camaro have same paint look inside doors & trunk area. GM is once again making horrible cars…#sad

  31. Trish

    It will be 1 year now that I have been fighting with GM about the pain chips on my 2012 Camaro SS. It is black. I bought it in December of 2011 and within 6 months or approximately 10,000 miles, I started noticing paint chips on the top of the car and the trunk and hood area. They too blamed it on bird poop, acid rain, etc. They must have been taught what to say because I am getting that all dealerships no matter where they are from are saying the same thing. I am in Texas. I had several experts look at the car and they have told me that the clear coat was coming off and that it will only get worse and it was a definite defect in the paint. They brought a person down from GM and said they would not warranty it because by the time someone finally came down it was well over the 12,000 miles. I had my onstar report that showed the exact miles of the exact date that I went in and reported it. They did not like that and again found an excuse not to take care it. They blamed it on me living in the country, etc. I filed a complaint with GM and also the better business beureu. Still nothing would get done and I do have an attorney right now and a suite has been filed. I am contacting him again this morning to let him know of all the other complaints on here. It has been a while since I had looked and glad I did. It has now been almost 1 year since we filed the suit and hopefully it will get resolved now. If anyone is having problems like myself, please contact them. GM needs to stop this as the paint issue has been going on for years.

    Krohn and Moss, LTD
    312-578-9428 ext. 284 speak to Andrew Ross (in chicago)

    Tell him that Randy and Trish in Texas told you to call. Lets get GM to fix their problem once and for all. My Camaro cost way too much money for this BS.

    1. Joe

      Trish I’m with you 100%, I just bought a 2012 Camaro SS 8 days ago, washed and waxed it on Sat 11/8, drove it a total of 7.6 miles on paved roads in city limits at no higher than 35 mph over 11/9 to 11/10 and when I get home from work today I see a few paint chips, I examined entire car and found over 30.

      I took it to the dealership and they claimed it was rock damage from the tires. Impossible based on location of several of the chips. Another guy comes out and tells me the dealer who I bought it from used a special “wax” on it, it had just now wore off to make all these chips visible. What an insult to my intelligence. Called GM same BS.

      Surely with all the people who have posted here with same problem…. 21 I counted, we can get together and work against GM. Lets ban together on this.

  32. Dan

    I own a Red 2010 SS and I have a hair line fracture in the paint around 9-10 inches in lengh on the rear driver side fender near the rear wheel. I am some what relieved that I am not the only one with this problem. I called GM and they are looking into it and advised me to take it to the nearest Chevy/GM dealership and they said they will send it out to a body shop. We will see what happens from this point.

    1. Joann

      I have a white 2012 Camaro Rs/SS It has 11000 miles. Like Dan I noticed a hairline crack on the rear side fender. Mine is on the passenger side. I am also missing quite a bit of paint along the bottom edges of the back bumper of the car. I am going to bring the car to the dealership and see what they say. Thank you Trish for leaving your lawyers information.

  33. April

    I have a 97 rs and my clear coat started coming off last year. Now almost my entire hood is white! What can I do about this??

  34. fred

    I just bought a 2010 Camaro 2ss red jewel.the paint is chipping in front of rear wheels and there is a fracture in the paint above right rear tire on quarter long is the warrenty on the paint? I seem to notice more each time I wax it.

  35. Steph

    I have a 2012 Yellow Camaro. I noticed black specks throughout the paint and the paint had a weird, rough feel to it. I also noticed the paint is chipping badly in places that it really shouldn’t (roof, top of hood, etc). After two years of going back and forth with the dealership, getting quotes from other Chevy dealerships and even some from local body shops I finally got something done. They sent it to a vendor to have it clay barred (they said it had rail dust and over spray on it). When I picked my car up Saturday morning it looked worse than it did when I dropped it off! There are several LARGE places where the paint is flaking off on both doors. So now my BEAUTIFUL yellow camaro has black spots! I’m waiting to hear back from the district GM rep about what they are going to do.

  36. Joe

    8 days ago I traded my 2011 F150 for a 2012 Camaro 2SS, victory red.
    After 2 days I noticed 2 chips on the front, this past weekend I washed and waxed it on Saturday, drove it to golf course which is 3 miles away.
    Monday after getting home from work I noticed around 30 more paint chips all around it in various locations, I drive 0.8 miles 1 way to work. I did not buy this vehicle at the local Chevy dealership, but I know the office manager so I called and was advised to bring it in. I was told by the service manager that it was “rock” chips. I have not driven it down a gravel road, nor behind a gravel truck.

    As I was leaving someone else came out and I asked them how I could get 28 chips in the paint driving 8 miles on paved road in the city not exceeding 35mph.
    He suggested the dealer put a special “wax” on it which covered all of the chips and now it had worn off and made all these chips show up.
    I guess I’m just stuck, haven’t even made a payment on it yet and the paint is coming off. Extremely frustrated.

  37. BJRich

    I have a 2010 Camaro (blue) that has been babied and well-cared for. I only drive it when the weather is clear and dry. Currently has right around 30,000 miles. About 3 weeks ago after a snow I was walking outside and went to check on my baby. I could not believe my eyes when I saw that the clear coat on the rear spoiler had bubbled up. A day or so later, it was coming off in huge flakes. So now I don’t drive my beautiful head-turning car because the peeling paint is so awful and embarrassing, and also I don’t want to make it worse. Are there any recalls or any avenue for this? My Camaro was a gift… now I am a full-time college student and I can’t afford expensive bodywork/paint.

  38. Ben

    Why do they think people are going to keep buying the next generation camaros if they can’t get the paint right. Eventually they
    will go out of business.

    1. ben

      If Gm does not clean up their mess they are going to lose millions of customers and millions of dollars. This process may take some time because everyone talks and sooner or later no one will buy their crap cars.

  39. Randall

    My 2014 Chevy Camaro ZL1 has a lot of paint chips on both rear quarter panels from normal driving on paved roads. Is Chevy doing anything about this?


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