Donald Frey Dies

Donald Frey was the co-creator of the Ford Mustang, alongside Hal Sperlich and Lee Iaccoca.  Frey died from a stroke at the age of 87 on March 5th of this year.  His impact on Ford and the entire automotive industry has been far reaching, rising above any and all expectations, evidenced from the day 1 debut of the Ford Mustang.

Originally, on that fateful day in 1964 at the New York World’s Fair, Ford had estimated to sell around 90,000 Mustangs.  Within the first year the Mustang had been sold to the tune of 400,000 units!

Donald Frey is also credited with working on the iconic SUV, the Ford Bronco.  In addition, Frey was involved with keeping Ford in NASCAR and the Le Mans.  Many of the aftermarket parts we use on our Mustang’s today can be credited to the initial work Frey did in the Ford Motorsports division.

RIP Donald Frey March 5th, 2010

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