Toyota Prius Brakes In The News Fishy

At this point I know I’m not the only one a little bit suspicious of the incidents surrounding Prius recall incidents.  Specifically referring to the out of control Prius doing 80 down the freeway in San Diego.  It all kind of smells like Balloon Boy and people looking to taste nano second fame in the wake of Toyota’s woes.

In San Diego a guy claimed that he couldn’t get his Prius to stop because of a stuck accelerator pedal.  However, analysts are quick to point out that shifting into neutral, standing on the brakes, shutting the car off, or all of the above should have brought the car to a stop.  Slowly but surely the above should have worked and if not there are a lot more problems at stake here than just a stubborn gas pedal.  Of course that doesn’t make an interesting news headline, nor damaging enough to the foreign manufacturers name.

Again, I’m not the only one making the Balloon Boy reference, but it’s the most fitting.  Perhaps it’s even worse, maybe the goal of the media and guilty parties is to damage a name, rather than just a chance to be on TV.  It’s a volatile economic market and if we can burn Toyota at the stake it can only make our domestic manufacturers stronger.  We all know underhanded deals go on everyday with big time corporations, maybe this is an operation involving damaging a corporate name.  Toyota presented an opening for criticism and guilty parties took notice and are not exploiting it as much as possible.

Toyota has been spending a metric butt load of money on advertising and claiming to have the fix in place for their accelerator problems.  The recalls have been widely televised, dealers have been compensated, and you can get online without seeing an advertisement featuring a Toyota owner pleased with their cars safety record.  Toyota knows what’s going on, they see the writing on the wall, and I suspect it will be a long time before they ever make it back to the top of the sales charts in the US.

It’s not a bad thing that domestic car manufacturers retake the top sales figures again, I just hope that it’s done without any fancy business.  It’s been pointed out that Ford has been making huge gains in quality, leadership, and efficiency for a few years now, which has helped place them where they are.  Let’s focus on the good things our country has to offer in the automotive industry and leave Toyota to clean up it’s own mess, consumers will still be around when they are done.

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