$75,000 Entry Level Porsche

When I say ‘Entry Level’, generally a price tag of $75,000 is not the first thing that comes to mind.  I’d normally consider in the neighborhood of at least $30,000 or under, even when talking about  Porsche.  No such luck with the new Panamera, which will soon be offered in a base line model, retailing for $74,400.

Don’t expect to get a Turbo Charged V8 for that price either, this will be a small V6 power plant.  But don’t worry, it will still be all wheel drive and be potent enough to hit the 300 horsepower mark.  Basically you are purchasing a more fuel efficient Porsche wagon, to those that it appeals to.

My guess the new base line Panamera will appeal to fleets and companies looking to buy high end cars.  If you are in the market to spend $75k on a new car, how do you not have the extra cash to buy the nice one?  Again, the Panamera doesn’t appeal to me in the slightest, so obviously I’m not the target market.

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