Honda CR-Z Rumor

The Honda rumor mill is at it again and this time it involves a hybrid, Type R attention, and enough hope to make it to reality.  A lot of industry experts were caught swooning over the debut of the Honda CR-Z at the Detroit Auto Show, but now the possibility of a Type R pampered CR-Z has those same people picking their jaws up off the floor.  A Honda hybrid sport coupe with a Type R badge, meaning ready for the twisty turns with power to spare.

The ones responsible for this Type R CR-Z rumor state that the standard CR-Z will be released with a 105 horsepower traditional motor and a 20 horsepower electric motor.  Once wrapped in Type R badging the new CR-Z will be equipped with a 150 horsepower traditional motor and an even more potent 50 horsepower electric.

Of course we all know the details will be in the handling and other amenities.  We can only stand around and hold our breath until Honda makes an official announcement.  Until then, check out the Honda CR-Z pics below.

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