Dodge Color Coordination

If the Super Bowl ads weren’t enough to convince you that real men want Dodge vehicles, then perhaps their latest color option will have you questioning your manhood.  Dodge has released the most vibrant pink color I’ve ever seen and it’s called Furious Fuchsia.  Yes, that’s how it’s spelled, but I always type fuschia instead, so whatever makes you happy.

Furious Fuchsia

It’s basically one step away from being an Avon Hemi or an Avon R/T.  But Dodge is convinced that it’s the next step in gaining market share, so they’ve released these pink neon muscle cars as a special edition.  Consider that about 85% of the people that buy Challengers are Male…would even women want this color on their ride?

At any rate, whether you like it or love it, the special edition Furious Fuchsia Challenger SRT 8 will be limited to 400.  Complete with white interior, don’t expect to swap the tires and then climb in without leaving a mess all over everything.  And just after I spent all day tidying up.

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