Cadillac XTS To Replace DTS and STS

Cadillac has been showing off their latest concept design of the large luxury car the XTS model. According to Cadillac the XTS will replace their current DTS and STS models. The plan is to combine the sportiness of the STS with more room and luxury, a potent combination.

Like other manufacturers Cadillac is hoping to tap into the hybrid market, meaning the XTS will most likely release with a hybrid option. Current tests with the concept model include a hybrid motor paired with a V6, producing over 350 horsepower. The technology Cadillac is planning on using will use Lithium batteries, which will provide enough power for an all-electric mode, doubling fuel economy.

Cadillac XTS Concept Pics

Cadillac XTS

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  1. “The plan is to combine the sportiness of the STS with more room and luxury, a potent combination.”-Well this sure is do in neither. I mean have the people at Cadillac lost there minds. This looks like a mid level Ford SHO-.
    Why must you designers at Cadillac constantly try to look like any other boring mid price car on the road.
    You had it right with the STS-V. Bring it back, make it better and more powerfull.
    And go back to your style roots!!!

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