Oshkosh Military Vehicle Cameras

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Oshkosh Ba Gosh!  The Oshkosh Corporation has won the contract with the US military to install rear-view cameras in off road vehicles headed to Afghanistan.  The goal of the rear-view cameras is to improve visibility in adverse conditions like dust storms, dusty roads, and general poor weather.

The $33 million contract includes the installation of infrared cameras on over 2,200 vehicles.  Just like in some high end domesticated SUV’s, drivers will be able to monitor what’s behind them via a flip down monitor in the cab.  The technology works even in the night without lighting, so they become a useful tool, even on night missions.

Although the special infrared cameras have been pitched by Oshkosh to be installed on domestic vehicle, don’t expect them anytime soon.  The technology in these special cameras are much more costly than the rear-view cameras currently installed on large high end vehicles.  Perhaps in the future, like most military technology, there will be a civilian counter part that allows you to view at night what’s creeping up behind you.

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