Nissan V2G Concept Pic

Nissan has been busy like all car manufacturers trying to predict what the next big niche market will be.  It’s obvious that Toyota had a grasp on what the kiddies would be scrambling to buy when the released the Scion line of vehicles.  They aren’t what I would consider a must have, but they do appeal to the latest generation entering the 16 years old age.  I prefer not to drive golf carts on the freeway.

The V2G concept is what Nissan thinks will be the future of the automotive market.  The v2G is a quirky looking 3-Wheeler that took home the 2009 Design Los Angeles Award.

The focus of the Nissan V2G appears to be with increasing a cars environmental awareness.  In concept only there have been measures taken with the V2G to allow for a reduction in waste.  Furthermore, Nissan speculates the V2G will dot the landscape of a future high tech highway system, where vehicles are purchased like cell phone plans.  This and we’ll have flying cars in the year 2000.

Nissan v2g

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