i-MiEV Coming To US Gas Powered

Over the summer I reported on Mitsubishi working on an all electric mini car that would be competing in the Asian market.  The i-MiEV was going to be a zero emissions, 100 mpg, electric car.  These have been around for decades and they are more commonly known as golf carts.  But I digress.

Mitsubishi has now announced that they are attempting to bring the i-MiEV to the US market, a full 18 months ahead of schedule.  However, they do not intend for it to be competing on the same block that it is currently in the Asian market, meaning this little sled will be gas powered.  Sorry 15 mile commuters, the Mitsubishi i-MiEV, if it makes it to the US early, will only be an electric hybrid and not a full electric car.

The implications of releasing the Mitsubishi i-MiEV gas vehicle in the US early is that it may be successful.  If it does become popular you can probably kiss the all electric version good bye, unless you are doing your own car importing.

Even by luxury golf cart standards the current offering of the i-MiEV in Japan is expensive, expect MSRP to be around $16,000.


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