Most Reliable Car Is A Honda

The 09 Honda Insight has made Consumer Reports most reliable new car of the year.  Oddly enough the hybrid wasn’t alone on the list, where 5 of the top 8 most reliable cars for 2009 were a hybrid.

It’s good news for Honda and definitely something to brag about, except for Consumer Reports makes the statement that just because it’s most reliable doesn’t mean it’s recommended.  Specifically the Insight’s underpowered demeanor was sighted as an example.  Seems like a nod to Honda on what to work on to create the perfect hybrid, which can be recommended for purchase.

Lastly, I just feel like the string of hybrids being listed on the most reliable list is a bit suspicious.  Granted, this is most reliable ‘new’ car, but where will these vehicles be 5 years from now.  As a consumer that’s what I’m most concerned with, longevity and total cost of ownership.

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