Saturn Slips Out Of Orbit

I’m fairly certain I’m not the only one making astronomical jokes about the failure that is the Saturn company.  This isn’t a complaint about their cars reliability, looks, or even pricing, just about the company itself.  Why should a company like Saturn be kept around by a conglomerate like GM, when it has been losing money since day 1?  Let bad ideas die and concentrate elsewhere.

Dust under the mat eventually create one demonic dust bunny.  In this case, bailed out GM can no longer justify keeping a failing company artificially afloat.  “A Different Kind of Company”, that produced a very mundane vehicle line up.

So much for Saturn Astra sparking enough sales in the movie Transformers 2.  This will most likely be the very last entry in the Saturn category.  Fine by me, Saturn never made news enough to write about anything anyway.

2 thoughts on “Saturn Slips Out Of Orbit

  1. astra owner

    u r a complete a-hole…u must drive a jap car u unamerican piece of shi*t.. u obviously dont kno wat a difference saturn made to gm.. u obviously dont kno that the saturns 1.9l engine was one of gm most advanced engines in its time… u obviously must not kno much about shit..and u obviously dont kno that in the begining, most ppl who bought saturns were ppl who wouldnt have otherwise bought a gm car..and lets see, with saturn being phased out.. over 80% of current saturn “fans”(buyers) rnt gunna b buyin gm..thats how loyal we r… also did u kno that over 83% of saturns sold in the past 20 years r still on the road today? thats better than toyota

  2. Christopher Post author

    Actually I’ve never owned an import, but thanks for your assumptions. Clearly my article is looking at it through a business perspective. If something isn’t making money and there aren’t enough of you Saturn fanbois out there to keep it a float, why keep losing money to it?

    This becomes especially true when tax payers are footing the bill.


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