Can You Afford A Porsche?

Porsche has announced that an entry level Porsche 914 is a priority for 2010.  Although shelved some time ago, the 914 Boxster would be set at a price point that would make owning a Porsche easier than ever, although exact prices have yet to be disclosed.  Furthermore, it’s not been announced if the 914 name will be used or some other poor man’s Porsche name will be attached.

But this got me thinking, at what price would a Porsche have to be to be considered entry level?  A brand spanking new Porsche Boxster will run you around $60,000.  So, perhaps an entry level Porsche should be available for $40,000?

I’m fairly certain for that kind of money I’d rather own a GT500 or Corvette.  Again, in the realm of luxury, I’m not the target market.  Only those that have a hard-on for the Porsche name need apply here.  Much like a humongous house without any furniture, it’s just another status symbol to park in the drive way.  IMHO

2010 Porsche 914

2010 Porsche 914

Maybe I’m not being exactly fair, the rendering above by Motor Trend is very sexy.  I just know that cars like the Porsche 944 did not age very well and I can’t imagine a new model of budget Porsche would fair any better.

One thought on “Can You Afford A Porsche?

  1. william garrett

    Dear clueless,
    You have obviously never been in, and even more certainly have never been behind the wheel of a late model Porsche.

    I have.

    I play with GT’s and Corvettes.

    2009 Porsche Cayman S.


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