Volt Needs High Gas Prices

Green News

Green News

The Chevy Volt and other electric, hybrid, or alternative fuel vehicles need high gas prices.  Without the threat looming of $4 per gallon gasoline it makes it difficult to stomach a $40,000 investment, in some cases.  Obviously the higher the fuel prices the shorter time it takes to break even and to have the electric car start actually saving you money.

Looking at it this way makes me look like I hate the environment, but that’s not the case.  I’m all for doing my part to keep the Earth green and blue, but not at the cost of being in debt up to my eye balls without any return.  There must be a breaking point, where investment shows return, even when talking about green technology.  So, I guess this idea only applies to those who aren’t independently wealthy green freaks.

No doubt if fuel prices remain relatively low it will devastate the huge investment companies like Chevrolet have made with the Volt.  Everyone was able to jump on board the research and development when gas prices were high, but what will happen financially to the company now that sales will be directly effected by the fuel prices?  Surely there will be more financial incentive to buy a new all electric car or at least lower the expected price all across the board.

I hope that we will see falling vehicle prices on all cars, trucks, suv’s, and not just the special niche green market.  The idea that a vehicle should cost 1/2 as much as most peoples homes is getting to be a little bit ridiculous.  Let’s start by slashing that all electric Chevy Volt price.

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