Subaru Increasing Presence

Subaru has announced that they will be opening 9 more Zone Offices in the United States.  Zone Offices are what Subaru calls their dealer support offices, to help create a localized market presence.  The total number of Zone Offices will be 12, once these 9 are opened.

Unlike the usual automotive manufacturer news, Subaru has actually seen an increase in sales over the past 3 months.

“We have made great strides over the past few years improving our
performance in a challenging marketplace. We have our best ever product
line-up, a marketing strategy that is successfully building the brand and
increasing dealership traffic, and we are continually improving our dealer
network. The increase in the number of SOA zone offices will allow us to work
even more closely with our dealers and help us meet our medium and long-term
business goals and sales objectives.”

According to Subaru, these new offices will be functional come January 1st, 2010.

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