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Hyundai Assurance Gas Lock

Hyundai Assurance Gas Lock

In this economy all manufacturers are struggling to sell new cars and all are trying some new angles to bring the customers in.  Recently we’ve seen such deals where a manufacturer will buy your car back if you lose your job or even another will make your payments for you if you lose your job.  The latest gimmick is from Hyundai and it might make you choose them over the other players in the field for your next new car purchase.

Hyundai has announced the Hyundai Assurance Gas Lock which will fix your gas price at just $1.49 per gallon for 12 months.  This assurance program is being offered to all new Hyundai buyers or the option of taking $1000 cash.  Estimates put the number of new Hyundai buyers at 1/3 that take the cash over the gas card.  But why?

Because most Hyundai vehicles get such good gas mileage it will be very difficult to save more than $1000 in gas savings.  Industry analysts believe gas will remain below $3.00 per gallon for the next year.  This means your savings per fill up will be less and less and most estimates put the figure around $580 in a year.  Well, the $1000 sounds a lot better than $580, which is average if you are driving around 12,000 miles per year.

Whichever incentive you choose it’s still thinking outside the box and if prices hit $5 per gallon you know you’ll be covered. 😉

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