Dealerships Going Under, Personal Info Safe?

News is rittled with information on dealerships going under every single day.  This isn’t just affecting domestic car dealerships either, it’s affecting those like Kia, Hyundai, and others.  However, one question that always hung in the back of my mind, is how safe is all the information I give to a dealership anytime I buy a car?  Obviously they have to know everything about you before qualifying you for a loan, so what guarantees of privacy do you have after a dealership closes?

Today I found an article about a Kia dealership in Boulder, Colorado that left bins outside filled to the brim with previous customers information.  We’re talking real personal information, like contact info, mother maiden names, social secutiy numbers, etc.  Thankfully, the police showed up and put a lock down on the bins, however it’s not known if any information was stolen.

Officers have not yet taken an inventory of the bins, which were “stuffed to the top,” and do not know how many people might have been affected, Huntley said.

Unfortunately police have not been in contact with the defunct dealerships owners.  Local residents and previous customers are calling out for prosecution for not properly disposing of private information.  It’s like coming home to a robber, your belongings are just left out in the open.

“We felt very violated, disrespected and angered,” Nate Snyder said. “They should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”

Boulder Kia Dumps Personal Information – Source

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