The Difference Between UK and US Car Insurance

Let’s look at the difference between UK and US based car insurance policies.  I’m looking at the giant elephant in the room when I note that either we are paying in dollars or lbs.  When looking for a car insurance policy over seas, keep the exchange rate in mind, because it could make a big difference in your monthly premium.  But let’s find out a way to see what UK car insurance companies have to offer.

Car insurance in the UK is much like the insurance market in the US, right now it’s a buyers market.  Insurance companies are trying to come up with ways to win new customers and keep existing ones.  Two the top car insurance companies in the UK right now, Direct Line and HSBC, both are offering some great incentives.

Direct Line car insurance promises protection in case you get in an accident with an uninsured motorist.  This promise means that the accident will not affect your no claims discount.  HSBC’s standard policies seem to be growing, where items of an insurance policy that used to be options are now standard.  Take for example, New Car Replacement and options to protect your no claims discount.

Although there are some differences in car insurance policy requirements from the US and UK, there is one huge similarity.  Any driver, in either country, are required by law to carry car insurance.  This isn’t a suggestion, it’s the law, where if broken can mean you lose your license or risk having your car impounded.  Furthermore, driving without insurance could have devastating consequences for your financial future.  For more imformation on what insurance in the UK is all about, please read the UK Insurance Overview.

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  1. Alex Penn


    We are a taxi company Hummingbird Cars in London. We provide Airport Transfer service from all london airports.
    We are in need of having insurance cover for all over Taxi.But, we are in a sort of confusion as there are so many insurance provider as we know that there are so many hassles in the claim process. So, Can anyone please advice us where we can buy best and most reliabel Insurance for our cars.

    Thank you

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